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Agosto 2021
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BRASIL :  PEC DOS PRECATÓRIOS  :    Segunda-feira:     Carlos Tadeu de Freitas Gomes, “Alongar precatórios não é calote“.    “PEC prevê parcelamento de dívidas judiciais a fim de proteger orçamento da União”….       OPERAÇÃO FORMOSA :     (CartaCapital), “Bolsonaro participa de desfile de blindados no dia em que a Câmara analisa o voto impresso“.    “A Operação Formosa, maior treinamento militar da Marinha, contará pela primeira vez com a participação do Exército e da Força Aérea”. Uma infeliz coincidência….        Terça-feira:     Alexandre Leoratti, “90% dos empresários estão preocupados com a crise hídrica, diz CNI“.   “Empresariado considera mudança do horário de consumo da indústria como medida difícil de ser implementada”….         Adriano Pires, “Motivos e soluções para a crise de energia“.    “Brasil precisa rever decisões do setor energético para afastar fantasma do racionamento”….        Quarta-feira:   TRUMP E TRUMP E TRUMP :     Ishan Taroor, Bolsonaro follows the Trump playbook….         Caio Spechotto e Mariana Haubert, “Câmara enterra voto impresso e derrota Jair Bolsonaro“.   “Projeto teve mais votos ‘sim’ que ‘não’, mas insuficientes para ser aprovado; bolsonaristas agora miram Senado”….        Sexta-feira:     Aldo Rebelo, “Brasil precisa entrar em seu ‘Quinto Movimento’“.   “País pode seguir caminho para colocar a sociedade em alternativa próspera e equilibrada”….


GOVERNO BOLSONARO :  Terça-feira:    Murilo Fagundes, Mariana Haubert e Douglas Rodrigues, “Bolsonaro entrega MP do novo Bolsa Família ao Congresso: ‘50% de reajuste’“.    “Ministros pediram celeridade ao Congresso na análise da medida provisória”….


DEMOCRACIA LIBERAL-REPRESENTATIVA :  Segunda-feira:     Thales Guaracy, “A necessidade de modernizar a democracia”.   “Sistemas políticos precisam de eficácia para superar perigos da neo-sociedade tecnológica“….


CHINA E CRIPTOMOEDAS :   Quarta-feira:     (AF), “Star Tech Investor Cathie Wood Nonplussed by China’s Crypto Crackdown“.    “China’s decision to stamp out bitcoin mining and clampdown on cryptocurrency trading this year has puzzled US tech investor Cathie Wood“….


CHINA :  Segunda-feira:     (AF), “Private Equity Firms Revise China Strategy as Regulatory Crackdown Widens“.     “• PE and VC funds avoiding sensitive market sectors in China   • Investors shifting to chips, automation, renewable energy, healthcare    Private equity firms are rethinking their strategies in China as a widening regulatory crackdown on some of the country’s hottest sectors forces investors to scout for bets in other industries that they hope will be less vulnerable to sudden policy changes”….        Terça-feira:    (AF), “China’s Sweeping Regulatory Crackdowns a ‘Profound Policy Shift,’ Morgan Stanley Says“.    “•Regulatory storm to dampen corporate sentiment, weigh on growth: MS    • Measures boost households, hurt owners as China addresses inequality: MS    Beijing’s sweeping regulatory clampdown is a profound policy shift that will shape the evolution of China’s capital markets in the coming years”….         (AF), China Anti-Graft Body Criticises Business Drinking After Alibaba Scandal“.    “• Anti-graft agency urges employees to break ‘unspoken rules’ at work    • Tech giant dragged over the coals for ‘unhealthy work environment’    China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, its top anti-corruption agency, has criticised what it called a “disgusting” culture of business drinking following a sexual assault scandal at e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd”….        Quinta-feira:     Francesco Sisci, “Rosy upsides to Xi’s neo-socialism“.    “If the US wants to meet China’s challenge, it must recognize the real strengths of the equitable system Xi has put in place”….         William Pesek, “Reckoning with Xi’s new Great Wall of China“.    “Chinese leader’s regulatory fortress is synchronizing Deng Xiaoping’s financial reform era with Mao Zedong’s total-control ethos”….         Jeff Pao, “HK teacher’s union folds under Beijing’s pressure“.    “Hong Kong Professional Teacher’s Union disbands after 48 years amid state media broadsides and official threats”….


MERCADOS ASIÁTICOS :  Segunda-feira:     (AF), “Asian Markets Upbeat But Fed Taper Talk and Delta Fears Persist“.    “• Dow and S&P 500 record all-time highs while Hang Seng fizzles    • Bitcoin hovering around $44,000 after surging more than 20% over weekend    Most of Asia’s markets saw an upturn in value on Monday but investors remained cautious as a forecast-beating US jobs report reinforced optimism about the economic recovery – but also fanned speculation the Federal Reserve could begin tapering monetary policy this year”….        Terça-feira:    (AF), “Recovery Optimism Trumps Delta Fears as Asia Markets Advance“.    “• Bumper US job figures boost the mood on trading floors    • Chinese tech firms lead the charge as Hong Kong progresses     Markets in Asia continued to edge upwards on Tuesday as hopes for the long-term global outlook trumped worries about the fast-spreading Delta variant and fears the Federal Reserve will soon begin withdrawing its vast financial support”….


USAMÉRICA :  Segunda-feira:     Wolf Richter, “Amid Clamoring of ‘Labor Shortages’ as 13 Million People Claim Unemployment Benefits, Job Openings Spike Sky-High. Sector by Sector“.    “And many people quit their job to take a better job with higher starting wage & signing bonus, offered by desperate employers”….        Terça-feira:    Bill Bonner, “Poverty Is Becoming the New Wealth“.    “How to be anti-fragile… Who needs wealth?… Poverty is the new wealth… Pucker up…”….         Wolf Richter, “The State of the Small Business: Hiring Problems, Inventory Shortages, and Big Price Increases“.    “In the current era of Stimulus Good Times, with its huge kinks”….        Quinta-feira:     INFLAÇÃO  :     David P. Goldman, “Home rents set to turbocharge US inflation“. (Chart of the Day)   “Median rents soared 19% year on year in second quarter, a surge that hasn’t yet been properly reflected in the CPI”….        Ekaterina Blinova, “‘Apocalypse Now’: What Are Risks of CIA’s Possible All Out Clandestine War Against Russia and China?“.    “Decorated CIA veteran Douglas London has recently called for enhancing clandestine warfare against Russia and China, insisting that the US has enough tools to trump Moscow and Beijing. However, economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and CIA veteran Philip Giraldi have pointed out some apparent flaws in London’s doctrine“….         Sexta-feira:   INFLAÇÃO  :   David P. Goldman, “New era of ‘persistent’ US inflation has arrived“. (Chart of the Day)   “Two earlier periods of persistent inflation reflected shocks from outside the US economy. This time it’s homegrown”….        Domingo:     Wolf Richter, “THE WOLF STREET REPORT (Transcript): What’s Behind this Messed-Up Bond Market?” (Podcast).   “The total focus on the Fed. And then the Fed steps away”….


FOMO :  FEAR OF MISSING OUT  :   Terça-feira:     Wolf Richter, “The price of FOMO” or “What Lots of Home Buyers Will Grapple with as Housing Market ‘Normalizes’ and Work from Home Fizzles”….


USAMÉRICA E CHINA :  Segunda-feira:     David Dodwell, “US-China trade: why protectionism is no fix for global supply chains“.    “A global shortage of PPE early in the pandemic brought home how interconnected the world is, and how vulnerable its supply chains are    The answer is not stronger domestic production but, rather, flexible multilateral collaboration”….        Terça-feira:    CHINA E USAMÉRICA  :     Sarah Zheng, “‘US leads world in pandemic failure’: Chinese report takes aim at American coronavirus response“.    “Three Chinese think tanks publish paper stating the US was to blame for ‘currency abuse, pandemic turmoil … origin-tracing terrorism’    ‘America Ranked First?!’: The Truth about America’s fight against Covid-19’ report appears hastily put together and containing errors and emotive language”….        Quarta-feira:    REGULAÇÃO X REGULAÇÃO  :     Winston Mok, “How US-China rivalry shapes the regulatory crackdown in both countries“.    “While both are driven by different domestic concerns, neither can ignore the geopolitical impact of their regulation of corporate giants     Such international interactions can drive the rapid evolution and even sudden turns of regulations in the US and China, and investors must remain alert”….        Sexta-feira:    REPRESSÃO BIG TECH  LÁ E LÁ  :     Ke Meng e Yuke Li, “How Big Tech crackdowns in US, China are driving technological decoupling“.    “Although political considerations have led China and the US to take similar approaches towards Big Tech, the domestic political context differs significantly    Policy approaches stemming from this disparity are driving the US and China further apart”….


ARGENTINA :    Quinta-feira:     Gabriela Antunes, “Não chorem pela Argentina“.    “Gabriela rebate artigo ‘A Argentina é uma barca perdida‘, de Marcelo Tognozzi”….


RÚSSIA E ISRAEL :  Quinta-feira:     M. K. Bhadrakumar, “Russia-Israel ties resemble matryoshka dolls“.    “Israel’s political transition has brought a reset in sometimes testy and always shadowy relations with Russia”….


AFEGANISTÃO :  Sexta-feira:     Pepe Escobar, “A Saigon moment looms in Kabul“.    “August 12, 2021 will go down as the day the Taliban avenged America’s invasion and struck the blow that brought down its man in Kabul”….         M. K. Bhadrakumar, “Taliban neutralises the Afghan warlords“….


PUTIN E BIDEN :  CÚPULA DE GENEVA  :    Sábado:     (Borzzikman), “The Incontrovertible Proof that Putin Won in Geneva!“.     “The U.S. is not what it was!”….