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Maio 2021
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BRASIL  :  Segunda-feira:    Carlos Thadeu de Freitas Gomes, “A queda do dólar e os benefícios da modernização da lei cambial“.    “Câmbio tem caído desde meio de abril Banco Central tem elevado a taxa Selic  Marco Legal do Câmbio vai ao Senado  Expectativa é de recuperação em V”….        (Poder360, Patrocinado), “Huawei completa 23 anos no Brasil com papel ativo na transformação digital do país“….      Emilly Behnke, “Bolsonaro critica quem faz isolamento: ‘Tem idiotas até hoje em casa’” (Vídeo)….        Ana Flávia Gussen, “O céu de Damares: como a ministra dos Direitos Humanos aparelha sua pasta“.   “Um mapa obtido por CartaCapital aponta: dos 46 cargos mais importantes do ministério, 30 estão ocupados por reacionários cristãos”….      Terça-feira:    Caio Spechoto, “Especialistas dizem que projeto para substituir LSN tem trechos ‘abertos’“.   “Seriam passíveis de interpretação. Senado ainda não analisou texto”….        Sexta-feira:     Antônio Carlos de Almeida Castro (Kakai), “Mentiras desavergonhadas“.  “Brasil encontra-se à beira do naufrágio   Vivemos um sistema cruel e corrupto   Governo une-se em mentira e despudor   Resta-nos citar o sonhador D. Quixote”….        José Paulo Kupfer, “Enquanto mentiras dominam a CPI da Covid, boiadas passam no Congresso“….


IMPEACHMENT :  Segunda-feira:   Thales Guaracy, “Bolsonaro entregue aos leões pela CPI“….      Quarta-feira:     Raquel Torres, “Em vez de vacina, cloroquina: o Itamaraty desvairado“.   “Na CPI da Covid, Ernesto Araújo mente sobre viés anti-China da diplomacia brasileira e tenta culpar o Ministério da Saúde por atraso na aquisição de imunizantes. Hoje, 5 milhões de brasileiros estão com a 2ª dose atrasada”….        Quinta-feira:    Raquel Torres, “E a mentira vira regra na CPI…“.  “‘Um manda, outro obedece’: ao depor, um Pazuello bem treinado protege Bolsonaro de todas as acusações — inclusive quando há provas concretas sobre elas. Depoimento continua agora”….        Sexta-feira:     Mateus Maia e Mariana Haubert, Pazuello protege Bolsonaro e divide decisões com Estados em dois dias de CPI“….         Emilly Behnke, “Bolsonaro chama CPI de ‘vexame nacional’ e diz que Pazuello ‘foi bem’“….


CHINA :  Segunda-feira:     Mike Wall, “China’s newly landed Mars rover Zhurong likely to roll into action this weekend“.   “Zhurong will remain perched atop its landing platform for a few more days”….      Quarta-feira:      Frank Chen, “Beijing prods millennials to ditch fintech for banks“.   “With Ant and other online lenders in a regulatory squeeze, authorities push young borrowers back to old-fashioned banks”….       Sara Webb and Rebecca Allen, “China’s Mars rover feat took NASA decades“.   “China is the first Mars-going nation to carry out an orbiting, landing and rovering operation on its first mission”….       Sexta-feira:     Stephen Chen, “‘Factory of discoveries’: China thinks big for massive science projects to explain the universe“.  “How large-scale research facilities helped China transform from making shoes and shirts to discovering cosmic ray and pulsars”.  “Not all Chinese scientists believe the huge projects are worth the mammoth expense”. Ciência….        Coco Feng and Tracy Qu, “Who Zhang Yiming is and how he grew ByteDance and TikTok into a global sensation“.   “Liang Rubo, long-time collaborator and co-founder of the company, will take over in a move that should enable Zhang to focus on long-term strategy”.   “The low-profile Zhang has had to face multiple challenges in recent times, including a stand-off with the US over ownership of TikTok”. Big tech….


CHINA E RÚSSIA :  Sexta-feira:     Frank Chen, “China, Russia amp up nuclear power cooperation“.   “National leaders Xi and Putin witness the start of new nuclear power station construction as energy cooperation grows”….


USAMÉRICA E CHINA :  Quinta-feira:     William Pesek, “US, China in the right kind of tech war“.   “New battle between the G2 economies to out-subsidize and out-innovate each other is ultimately good for the world”….         Andrew Simon, “Moon set to help Biden ‘build better’“.  “Samsung, SK Group, LG Energy and Hyundai all set to entrench positions in US supply chain with tipped $33.8 billion of investments”….


COVID-19 :  Quarta-feira:     Ron Unz, “Breaking the Silence in the Origin of Covid-19“….


USAMÉRICA :  Segunda-feira:    Bill Bonner, “The Fed’s Argument for No Inflation“….      Wolf Richter, “Who Bought the $4.7 Trillion of Treasury Securities Added Since March 2020 to the Incredibly Spiking US National Debt?“.   “The Fed did. Nearly everyone did. Even China nibbled again. Here’s who holds that monstrous $28.1 trillion US National Debt”. A manchete no AntiEmpire enfatiza outro aspecto:   “US Forced to Monetize 52% of the $4.7 Trillion in New Debt Since March 2020, Foreigners Took On a Measly 1.7%”.   “The incredibly spiking US national debt has become a “commodity” foreigners no longer have any appetite for”….      Terça-feira:     Bill Bonner, “The Fed’s Anti-Inflation Argument Is Absurd“….        Wolf Richter, “Known Stock Market Leverage Hits WTF High“.  “Out the Other Side of its Mouth, the Fed Warns about Hidden Leverage that Blew up Archegos.  Margin debt is just the visible tip of the iceberg of leverage, and it reached the zoo-has-gone-nuts level”….      Quarta-feira:     (ZeroHedge), “Zoltan On The Coming QE Endgame: ‘Banks Have No More Space For Reserves’” (Premium members only)….       Bill Bonner, “Jeff Bezos: Policy Failure” or “Are Billionaires ‘Policy Failures?'”….       David P. Goldman, “There is nothing transitory about this inflation“. (Chart of the day). “So be afraid, be very afraid”….        (RTQuestionMore), “US waives sanctions against Nord Stream company and CEO as Blinken & Lavrov meet in Iceland“….        Tom Fowdy, RTQuestionMore. “Taking a much tougher line on Israel is the ONLY way America will ever be able to escape the Middle East“….         Dave DeCamp, “Biden Tells Coast Guard Class They Will Face Russia and China“….       John Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead, “Total Tyranny: We’ll All Be Targeted Under the Government’s New Precrime Program“….       Quinta-feira:    David P. Goldman, The US economy is broken and the Fed can’t fix it“. (Chart of the day). A long period of indecision ahead. “So, be afraid, be very afraid!”….


NORD STREAM 2 : Quarta-feira:    Antony J. Blinken, “Nord Stream 2 and European Energy Security“….         Glenn Greenwald, “Biden, Reversing Trump, Permits a Key Putin Goal: a New Russian Natural Gas Pipeline to Germany“.   “That Trump was controlled by Putin and served his agenda was the opposite of reality. First Obama, and now Biden, have accommodated Moscow far more”….         Alex Christoforou with Alexander Mercouris, “Nord Stream 2 continues as PUTIN smear campaign begins“. (Video)….       Quinta-feira:     (MoonOfAlabama), “Note To Greenwald – The ‘Russian’ Pipeline Is A Germany Need“….       Sexta-feira:     Alexander Mercouris, “US Decision To Waive Sanctions On Nord Stream 2 was Concession to Moscow Not Berlin“….


UNIÃO EUROPEIA E RÚSSIA : Quinta-feira:    Alex Christoforou with Alexander Mercouris, “EU Parliament calls for regime change in Russia“….


ISRAEL :  Quarta-feira:     (RTQuestionMore), “Ongoing Gaza campaign unlikely to help Netanyahu stay in power, Israel’s former PM Ehud Olmert tells RT“….


CRIPTOMOEDAS :  Quarta-feira:     Jon Macaskill, “Bitcoin plunges on China mining fears and concern about regulation“.   “Bitcoin fell by 15% on concern a power blackout in China is curbing mining output and fear of regulatory action; Shares in crypto exchange Coinbase may follow suit”….        Jon Macaskill, “China crypto confusion causes bitcoin volatility, CBDC speculation“.   “Three Chinese trade groups reinforce crypto limits, causing bitcoin confusion and CBDC speculation”….        Sexta-feira:     Chris Gill, “China pulls plug on crypto ‘miners’“.   “Officials in Inner Mongolia have been working hard to shut down crypto ‘miners’ who set up operations there because of the cheap and abundant power; but this has now been banned by Beijing because of the huge amounts of power being used to make virtual currencies”….         George Russell, “US unveils plans to whack crypto with tax and more oversight“.   “Announcements come in a week when bitcoin took a wild ride, falling as much as 30% on Wednesday after China announced new curbs on the sector”….        Bill Bonner, “Tales From the Crypto” or “Delusions of Wealth in the Cryptocurrency Space”….


BITCOIN :  Quarta-feira:     David Lin with Gareth Soloway, “Bitcoin price plummets to $30k, Gareth Soloway’s last target; How to trade after collapse?“….         (Poder360), “Bitcoin apresenta queda brusca e chega a valor pré-Tesla, mas se recupera“.   “Legislação chinesa afetou o mercado  Criptomoedas registraram queda   Bitcoin foi uma das mais afetadas”….       Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser, “Bitcoin Will Continue to FALL. Because of this…“….


CLIMA :  Segunda-feira:     Jonathan Tannenbaum, “What climate change models can’t tell us“.  “Author and physicist Steven Koonin reveals why computer projections of climate change are inconsistent and unreliable’….


MÁSCARAS :  Terça-feira:     (TheBabilonBee), “Satan Announces Masks Will Still Be Required in Hell“….        Sarah Maslin Nyr, “They’re Vaccinated and Keeping Their Masks On, Maybe Forever“.   “Face coverings have been a political flash point for more than a year. But now, the backlash is directed at people who don’t plan to take them off”….