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Maio 2021
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BRASIL :  PANDEMIA : Segunda-feira:   Valquíria Homero, “Lewandowski dá 48 horas para Anvisa explicar demora na análise da Sputnik V“….      Murilo Fagundes, “Mourão diz não acreditar em decreto de Bolsonaro contra medidas restritivas“.   “Presidente disse que está pronto. ‘Acho que não’, diz vice-presidente”….       (Poder360), “Populismo que ronda democracia brasileira é “antessala do golpe”, diz Fachin“….       (Poder360), “Eletrobras aponta deficit de R$ 6,8 bi em fundos de pensão“….      Terça-feira:   Xico Graziano, “Mitos do agro não resistem à informação correta“.   “Produção familiar é sobrevalorizada. Pequena agricultura não é suficiente. Tecnologia mudou produção agrícola. Marcos Palmeira deve estar surpreso”….       Hamilton Ferrari, Paulo Silva Pinto e Guilherme Walternberg, “Arrecadação nos Estados sobe 9,5% nos Estados no Primeiro Trimestre“….       Hamilton Ferrari, “Inflação  foi de 0,31% em abril e chegou a 6,76% no acumulado de 12 meses“….       Hamilton Ferrari, “Economia deve ter ‘retomada robusta’ no segundo semestre“….      Carlos Melles, “MEI [Microempreendedor Individual]: Pega essa visão!“….     Quinta-feira:    Martha Viotti Beck and Walter Brandimarte, “Brazil’s Currency to Strengthen With Reforms, Economy Chief Says“.   “Tax, public sector reforms to be approved in 2021, Guedes says”.   “Brazil will create 1 million jobs in first four months of year”….     Sexta-feira:    José Paulo Kupfer, “Termômetros da economia estão quebrados“….    ELEIÇÃO 2022 :    (CartaCapital), “A TV americana, Lula comenta Datafolha e evoca vitória de Biden contra Trump“….      Sábado:     Nick Corbishley, “Spiking Inflation, Rate Hikes, and Debt Defaults in Latin America“.   “Mexico and Brazil, having seen the economic destruction that high inflation can wreak, don’t want to see it again”….


IMPEACHMENT :  Terça-feira:    Mateus Maia, “Barra Torres se afasta de Bolsonaro em fala mais curta da CPI até agora“….     Quinta-feira:     Raquel Torres, “CPI: Outra prova do comitê paralelo de Bolsonaro“.   “Wajngarten tergiversa, quase é preso, mas confirma espécie de gabinete apócrifo para tratar da pandemia — e que negociou vacinas com a Pfizer, algo fora de sua alçada. Mais: decisão do STF libera mais de 3 mil patentes da área de Saúde”….


ÍNDIA :  Segunda-feira:     Sachy Satapathy, “A prime minister unfit for a pandemic“.   “Parallel to Modi’s leadership failures is the pressure Indians are under to choose between quackery and medical science”….


CHINA E RÚSSIA :  Segunda-feira:  Alexander Mercouris, “US Enriches China and Russia as Stimulus Causes Imports, Prices do Surge“. A “mischievous” video in view of the unexpected outcome of the vast spending splurge….


RÚSSIA :  Segunda-feira:   (RTQuestionMore), “Russian stock market smashes historic high on weaker dollar & rising crude“….


USAMÉRICA :  Segunda-feira:   David P. Goldman, “US fiscal profligacy and the impending crisis“.   “Biden administration and the Federal Reserve are abusing their power while China waits to assert its primacy in the world economy”….    Terça-feira:   William Pesek, “Finance warriors fear inflation-inflicted wounds“.   “Ex-Fed bigwig Bill Dudley, former Treasury chief Lawrence Summers and investing guru Warren Buffett are all losing sleep over fast rising prices”….     Bill Bonner, “Inflation Pays a Call” or “Money Printing Means Inflation for the U.S. Economy“….       Wolf Richter, “The Bizarre Phenomenon of a Screwed-Up Labor Market“.   “Job Openings in Manufacturing, Other Sectors, Spike to Record as Companies Struggle to Hire while 16.2 Million People Still Claim Unemployment Benefits”….      Wolf Richter, “The Most Hyped Corners of the Stock Market Come Unglued“.   “SPACs, EV SPACs in particular, IPOs such as Airbnb, stocks in the ARK ETF, such as Tesla”.…      Stacy Hrbert and Max Keiser with John Titus, “No One Expects Plucky“.   “Max and Stacy look at the chip shortages hitting manufacturing and note that some of this supply shock is due to manufacturers having taken the obvious decision to cut back on orders with the assumption that consumers would cut back during a global lockdown . . . little did they expect the avalanche of money printing! In the second half Max interviews John Titus about his freedom of information request to the Federal Reserve”….        Alexander Mercouris, “Blinken, Nuland’s Message to Zelensky: No War, No US Military Backing, No NATO Membership“….     Quinta-feira:    Wolf Richter, “State of the American Debt Slaves: Fed ‘Confounded’ as They Pay Down Credit Cards, Other High-Interest Debt, and HELOCs“.   “Forbearance Effect: Serious delinquencies of mortgages & student loans plunge to record lows as delinquent loans in forbearance don’t count as delinquent”….       Bill Bonner, “Stocks Down; Inflation Up. Fed Traped” or “Cryptocurrency Wealth and True Inflation”….      Rick Sanchez,Pipeline ransom paid! Did Biden approve?” (Full show) “Gas shortages persist from Maryland to Florida after a six-day shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline due to a ransomware cyberattack sparked panic-buying. Were the hackers paid the ransom they demanded? And did this happen with the blessing of the Biden administration? RT America’s Faran Fronczak joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the developments and their troubling implications. (3:42) Then, cybersecurity analyst Todd Shipley of Dark Intel and Data Science Prof. Vahid Behzadan join Rick Sanchez to share their expertise. (7:58) The price of cars, gas and lumber are through the roof. The arrival of inflation is now being widely reported, a situation Rick Sanchez has long-predicted. Then Brent Jabbour of “Boom Bust” joins to discuss the financial turmoil, what caused it and whether it can be expected to worsen. (14:35)…”….      Sexta-feira:    Wolf Richter, “WTF Spike of Retail Sales Lives Another Month on Surging Prices & $1,400 Stimmies. Gonna Be Tough in May“.   “Government gives consumers Free Money, retail sales spike. Free Money peters out, retail sales sag. Welcome to the new normal”….    Sábado:    Wolf Richter, “Odd Man Out at the Fed: Kaplan Talks Tapering, Inflation, Risk Management, Excesses in Financial & Housing Markets, Supply-Demand Imbalances“.   “‘While you don’t want to be too preemptive’ in tapering, ‘you don’t want to be so reactive as to being late’.”.  “It was fascinating”….       Terry Su, “In US obsession with China’s rise, it risks losing sight of Eurasia power play“.   “War scenarios are building around Taiwan as anxieties form around a China-Russia-Iran alliance”.   “But what if China is looking to pin down the US in the east while European integration advances to where the US is no longer needed as stabiliser and arbitrator?”….       Carlton Meyer, “Never Lost a Battle’ in Vietnam? Not True, the US Lost Plenty“.   “Khe Sahn anyone? ‘Most Vietnam vets have thanked me for this information because few Americans realize the danger they faced'”….


USAMÉRICA E CHINA :  Domingo:     Francesco Sisci, “US, China in a new no-rules nuclear race“.   “US commentariat is ringing alarms about China’s nuclear rearmament and apparent new second-strike reaction capability”….


COVID-19 :  Segunda-feira:     Ron Unz, “[US]American Pravda: ‘TheTruth’ and ‘The Whole Truth’ About the Origins of Covid-19“….


CHINA :  Terça-feira:    John Carter, Sidney Leng and Orange Wang, “China population: census confirms increase to 1.412 billion in 2020, but births fall again“.   “Mainland China’s overall population continued to grow last year, up from 1.4 billion a year earlier”.   “Chinese mothers gave birth to 12 million babies last year, down from 14.65 million in 2019, marking an 18 per cent decline year on year”….       Frank Chen, “China takes comfort from census population rise“.   “ Authorities put a positive spin on decennial census figures that gainsay dire predictions of an emerging demographic ‘sinkhole’“….       Quinta-feira:     William Pesek, “China’s global inflation dam won’t hold forever“.   “As US inflation soars, the control exhibited by the ‘workshop of the world’ cannot be counted on to last”….      Sexta-feira:    R.W. McMorrow, “Membership in the Communist Party of China: Who is Being Admitted and How?” , Dec. 19, 2015.   “The composition of the Communist Party of China has evolved considerably since the party was founded in 1921″….


ARÁBIA SAUDITA E IRÃ :  Quinta-feira:    M. K. Bhadrakumar, “Saudi-Iran reset will take time“….


AFGANISTAN :  Quinta-feira:     As`ad AbuKhalil, “US Defeat in Afghanistan — A Contrast With the Soviet Experience“.  THE ANGRY ARAB :    “As`ad AbuKhalil says Western media never regarded the U.S. involvement for what it really was)….


CRIPTOMOEDAS :  Segunda-feira:    (ZeroHedge) “‘It’s A Hustle’: Dogecoin Demolished After Musk SNL Snafu“….    Bill Bonner, “Oh Elon!” or “The ‘Nail in the Coffin’ for the U.S. Dollar”….     (ZeroHedge), “Crypto Markets Just Got Monkeyhammered“….     Quinta-feira:   (ZeroHedge), “Tesla Suspends Bitcoin Payments Over ‘Concerns About Environmental Impact’“….


BITCOIN :  Sábado:    Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser with Aleks Svetski, “Worker Shortages“. (Video)  ” Max and Stacy look at the worker shortages amidst the central banks’ ‘everything bubble.’ In the second half, Max continues his interview with Aleks Svetski of Amber App about central bank digital currencies and fiat communism….     (RTQuestionMore), “Bitcoin still on track to $100K despite growing risks, strategic investor says“. Lyn Alden…


CLIMA :  Terça-feira:   Jonathan Tenenbaum, “Rising seas no cause for climate change alarm“.  “Former US Energy Department chief scientist Steven Koonin says sea levels rise at changing rates and sees ‘no signs’ of a climate apocalypse”….