João da Silveira


Maio 2021
Seg. Ter. Qua. Qui. Sex. Sáb. Dom.
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BRASIL :  Segunda-feira:   Thales Guaracy, “O Brasil e a ilusão econômica dos três porquinhos“….    Carlos Tadeu de Freitas Gomes, “Pé no freio dos juros“….     Quarta-feira:    Hamilton Ferrari, “Copom aumenta Selic para 3,5% ao ano“. Selic estava em 2,5% e deve fechar o ano em 5,5%….     Quinta-feira:    Ellen Travassos, “Falas do governo sobre China afeta liberação de insumos, diz Butantan“….     (Poder360), “Banco do Brasil teve lucro de R$ 4,9 bilhões no primeiro trimestre de 2021“….     (RTQuestionMore), “25 killed in Rio de Janeiro shoot-out as Brazilian police clash with drug cartel in favela (VIDEOS)“….     Fernando de Barros e Silva, “País Cancelado“.  “Bolsonaro em um show de tevê exemplar”….      Sexta-feira:   ELEIÇÃO 2022 :   Murilo Fagundes, “Se não tiver voto impresso, não terá eleição, diz Bolsonaro“….     (Poder360), “Voto impresso trará ‘caos’ e ‘judicialização’ de eleições, diz Barroso“….     Sábado:     (BBCTrending), “The misinformation bubble threatening Brazil’s indigenous people“….      Domingo:    Paulo Silva Pinto, “Projeto de lei no Congresso puniria Gentili e libertaria Daniel Silveira“….


IMPEACHMENT :  Segunda-feira:   Ciro Nogueira, “A CPI da pandemia é um erro político“.  “Crise sanitária está no seu auge. Brasil perderá tempo precioso. Prioridade agora é a vacinação. Investigação deveria vir depois”….     (Poder360), “Bolsonaro lidera intenções de voto entre eleitores paulistas, diz pesquisa“….     Quarta-feira:   Murilo Fagundes, “Bolsonaro cita ‘guerra química’ e refere-se à China de modo oblíquo“….     Domingo:    Caio Spechoto, “Bolsonaro volta a falar em “seu” Exército e a jogar dúvidas sobre eleições“…..


CHINA :  Segunda-feira:   William Pesek, “Xi needs to explain his Big Tech squeeze“.   “Regulatory clampdown on Chinese tech companies may be right and good but the lack of transparency is spooking investors”….    Quarta-feira:   Frank Chen, “China’s hydrogen dream takes shape in Shandong“.   “Polluting industrial province is on the state-planned vanguard of using hydrogen fuel to achieve carbon neutrality”….    Quinta-feira:   William Zheng, “Xi Jinping says China is ‘invincible’, regardless of challenges ahead“.   “‘As long as we can stand on our own … we will be invincible no matter how the storm changes internationally,’ Communist Party cadres told in January speech”.   “‘Judging from how this pandemic is being handled by different leaderships and [political] systems …[we can] clearly see who has done better,’ he says”….       Deng Xiaoci, “Exclusive: Chinese scientists achieve quantum information masking, paving way for encrypted communication application“….       Patrick J. Buchanan, “Where Did All Those ‘Capitalist Pigs’ Go?“….        Sexta-feira:   Orange Wang, “China trade: India coronavirus crisis, recovering US economy boosted figures, but ‘cyclical peak’ looms“.   “China’s exports grew by 32.3 per cent in April compared with a year earlier, while imports grew by 43.1 per cent last month”.   “China’s imports from the US rose by 51.65 per cent to US$13.94 billion in April, while exports rose by 31.16 per cent to US$42.05 billion”….        Sábado:    CHINA E OCIDENTE :    Alexander Mercouris, “US Overreaching itself, China-Russia Together Are Stronger, Western Alliance Disintegrating“….        Wang Xiangwey, “China sees a world in chaos as an opportunity in its struggle with the West“.   “Mao’s old mottos about mayhem still resonate with Chinese leaders, and with the coronavirus pandemic still raging Xi Jinping sees a situation to be fully exploited to China’s advantages”.   “A recent speech suggests China is preparing to double down in its confrontation with Washington, just as the US is starting to express doubts over its own strategy”….


CHINA E AUSTRÁLIA :  Quinta-feira:   James Laurenceson, China-Australia ties going, going, gone“.   “China’s retaliatory suspension of Strategic Economic Dialogue with Australia is symbolic but still a big deal”….      Teddy Ng, “China-Australia relations: Beijing ‘indefinitely suspends’ high-level economic dialogue with Canberra“.   “National Development and Reform Commission said all activities under the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue had been ‘indefinitely suspended’”.   “The decision is based ‘on the current attitude of the Australian Commonwealth government toward China-Australia cooperation’, it said”….     Su-Lin Tan, “China-Australia relations: suspended talks ‘unfortunate’ tit-for-tat retaliation but Canberra can ‘consider itself lucky’“.   “China ‘indefinitely suspended’ the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue on Thursday amid ongoing tensions between Beijing and Canberra”.   “Former Australian trade minister Andrew Robb said it would now be difficult to resolves differences without face-to-face talks”….    AUSTRÁLIA E CHINA :   Ben Westcott, “Australia’s Billion-Dollar Wine Industry Devastated by China Sanctions“.   “People’s productive, value-adding businesses failing over conflict brought on by entrenched war-lobby interests”….


UE E CHINA :  Terça-feira:   (EuroNews), “EU suspends efforts to ratify controversial investment deal with China“….     Quinta-feira:    Finbar Bermingham, “Brussels Parasites Vow to Kill China Investment Deal the EU Spent 10 Years Begging For, Over Beijing’s Counter-Sanctions“.  “EU ‘parliament’ is full of Euro-neocons”….


USAMÉRICA :  Segunda-feira:   David P. Goldman, “Markets will adjust to inflation, and it will hurt“. (Chart of the Day)….     Terça-feira:   Stacy Herbert e Max Keiser, “Feeding the Racket, Starving the Racket“.  “Max and Stacy look at companies starting to protect their balance sheets from the melting ice cube of excessive money printing. In the second half Max interviews James Turk of about the chances of hyperinflation and whether or not the bond bull market is actually over after more than 40 years….     Wolf Richter, “It Just Keeps Getting Worst“.  “Services trade surplus, the American dream not-come true, falls to 9-year low. Total trade deficit explodes to worst ever. The promise of high-value services exports to rationalize globalization turned out to be fake”….     David P. Goldman, “Bank stocks are a refuge for inflation“. (Chart of the Day)….     Quinta-feira:   Wolf Richter, “Fed’s QE amid ‘Everything Mania“. “Total Assets $7.8 Trillion, More than Doubled in 18 Months since Repo Market Blowout”.   “QE from crisis to crisis, and even when there is no crisis”….         David P. Goldman, “Federal Reserve turns the dollar into toilet paper“.   “If the Fed stops buying bonds to finance budget deficit, rates must spike or investors won’t lend to government”.  (Chart of the Day)….     Sexta-feira:    (ZeroHedge), Gundlach Warns America’s ‘Unfunded Liabilities’ Are $163 Trillion, More Than 5x National Debt“. (Full Presentation, 22/04/2021)….     Wolf Richter, “Unemployment Crisis, ‘Labor Shortage,’ or Out-of-Whack Labor Market – Which Is It?“.   “The bizarre phenomenon of companies complaining about ‘labor shortages’ amid dropping job applicants, while 9.8 million are ‘unemployed,’ and 16.2 million people claim unemployment benefits”….      Bill Bonner, “The Fed’s Illusion of Control” or “Inflation be Damned!”.  Emma Walsh: “The results of the feds’ never-ending money-printing are evident in rising commodities prices, rising stock markets, and rising U.S. Treasury yields. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell say they have everything under control. But Bill believes their moment of truth is fast approaching”.…      Sábado:   (Poder360), “Pfizer exigiu de países pobres garantias que não pediu dos EUA, diz reportagem“….      UCRÂNIA :  Glenn Diesen, “The end of strategic ambiguity? America has finally stopped pretending it would risk war with Russia over supposed ‘ally’ Ukraine“….


RÚSSIA :  Terça-feira:   Patrick Armstrong, “Russia, Russia, Ever Failing“….


RÚSSIA E UE :  Quinta-feira:    Alexander Mercouris, “Russia sanctions top EU officials, Brussels shocked“. (Ver também notícia de 30/04/2021)….    (RTQuestionMore), “Russia slashes dollar & euro from reserves in favor of gold & yuan“….


RÚSSIA E CHINA :  Quinta-feira:     Spengler (David P. Goldman), “Eurasian anti-West alliance didn’t have do happen“.  “A Russia-China rapprochement motivated by mutual paranoia is a bad outcome for the West”….


IRÃ E RÚSSIA :  Quinta-feira:    Kourosh Ziabari, “What Iran really thinks about Russia“.   “Leaked tape shows Iran’s top diplomat resents Russia’s now exposed attempt to ‘destroy’ the JCPOA nuclear pact”….


ÍNDIA E MIANMÁ :  Quinta-feira:    M. K. Bhadrakumar, “India will be frontline state in Myanmar’s civil war“.   “Indian government’s stance on Myanmar crisis is gravitating toward the West in line with its wider anti-China ‘Quad’ project”….


INFLAÇÃO :  Terça-feira:   William Pesek, “Asia on the front line of US inflation threat“.   “Asia has come a long way since 1997-98 but it remais more dollarized than governments like do admit”….     Robert Barone,  “Fed Exports Inflation, Stokes Revolutions“, 08/03/2011….


BITCOIN :  Terça-feira:   Michael Saylor, “Will I Invest In Ethereum? Is Bitcoin In Trouble? Michael Saylor Keeps It Real“….     Quinta-feira:   Stacy Herbert e Max Keiser com with James Turk, “The Roaring Twenties Are Back“.   “Max and Stacy look at the return of the roaring twenties as incomes and consumption soar. In the second half, Max continues his interview with James Turk of about the fate of the US dollar in the day and age of the Belt and Road Initiative and excessive money printing”….    Sábado:   Stacy Herbert e Max Keiser com Mitch Felerstein, “Planet Ponzi Is Here“.   “Max and Stacy look at soaring lumber prices adding tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of building a new house. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of about the population loving the boom times of planet Ponzi as the free money drives a surge in consumer spending and stock and property manias”….


GOVCOINS :  Quinta-feira:   Zanny Minton Beddoes, “Government Digital Currencies“.  “Both our cover and special report this week look at a technological shift that promises to upend finance. Government digital currencies, or “govcoins”, are a new incarnation of money. They promise to make finance work better but also to shift power from individuals to the state, alter geopolitics and change how capital is allocated. Instead of holding an account with a retail bank, you would hold one directly with a central bank, through an interface resembling apps such as Alipay or Venmo. Rather than writing cheques or paying online with a card, you could use the central bank’s cheap plumbing. And your money would be guaranteed by the full faith of the state, not a fallible bank. Over 50 monetary authorities, in America, the EU, Britain and elsewhere, are exploring digital currencies. China is experimenting and the Bahamas has already issued its own. Governments and financial firms need to prepare for a shift in how money works that is as momentous as the leap to metallic coins or payment cards—a shift that promises a vast spectrum of opportunities, but also real dangers”….


CRIPTOMOEDAS :  Sábado:   (ZeroHedge), “Ethereum Soars To Record High Above $3,800 As JPMorgan Lays Out 6 Reasons Why Explosive Move Will Continue“….     Domingo:   (Poder360) “Elon Musk faz criptomoeda despencar ao participar de programa de comédia“….


BANCOS CENTRAIS :  Quinta-feira:   Wolf Richter, “Bank of England Now 2nd Central Bank to Taper, After Canada, but Denies Tapering is ‘Tapering,’ also Following Canada“.  “The Big Taper starts one central bank at a time. But you gotta keep the markets from swooning with a bit of welcome delusion.”. Tapering. Afunilamento de QE….


CLIMA :  Domingo:    Jonathan Tannenbaum, “The not-so-drastic truth behind climate change“.  “Ex-US Energy Department chief scientist Koonin says it’s not clear climate change leads to global catastrophe”….          P. Gosselin, “Fantastic Findings: German Study Shows Added CO2 Has Led To 14% More Vegetation Over Past 100 Years!“….