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Abril/Maio 2021
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BRASIL :  Segunda-feira:   (CartaCapital), “Brasil vai perder a remessa de vacinas da Sputnik V prevista para abril, diz Wellington Dias“.  “Governador do Piauí criticou atraso na autorização pela Anvisa: ‘Exigências que não estão previstas na lei'”….    Valquíria Homero, “Anvisa nega autorização para importação e uso emergencial da Sputnik V“….     Terça-feira:  Sérgio Dávila (NewsletterFolha):  “A chamada classe C migrou para a pobreza no Brasil. Quase 32 milhões de pessoas foram para níveis mais baixos de renda desde agosto do ano passado, de acordo com um estudo da FGV Social”….      BRASIL ELEIÇÃO 2022 :  Glenn Greenwald com Ciro Gomes, “Ciro Gomes: ‘Haveria o bolsonarismo se não fosse a contradição do lulopetismo?’“. (YouTube: “Eleições 2022 e a aposta no antipetismo“)….      Quarta-feira:   Rodrigo Janot, “Deslavajatizar, por quê?“. Surge um novo verbo no português do Brasil….     Sábado:    Ludmylla Rocha, “Gas natural tem 39% de reajuste; promessa de Guedes fica mais distante“….     VACINAÇÃO :   Sophia Lopes, “68% tiveram emprego ou renda prejudicados na pandemia“….     (Poder360), “Brasil aplicou primeira dose da vacina contra covid em 31,7 milhões de pessoas“. 14,9% da população….      Sophia Lopes, “64% já foram infectados ou conhecem alguém que já pegou covid-19“. O curioso, o estranho, nesse título é juntar ‘foram infectados’ e ‘conhecem alguém’ já infectado em um só número de 64%. Quê que significa esse número composto de duas coisas completamente diferentes? Porque, ser infectado é uma coisa. Conhecer alguém que foi infectado é outra coisa….


IMPEACHMENT :   Segunda-feira:  (Poder360), “Instalação de CPI da covid-19 movimenta congressistas e governo“….     (Poder360), “Governo lista 23 acusações que podem ser abordadas na CPI da Covid“….       Terça-feira:   Leandro Colon (NewsletterFolha):  A “CPI da Covid foi instalada no Senado e confirmou nos postos mais importantes da comissão parlamentares independentes ou oposição ao governo”. Presidente, Omar Aziz; relator, Renan Calheiros….     Leonardo Miazzo, “Renan promete investigação profunda, mas sem ‘inquisição’: ‘Não somos discípulos de Moro e Dallagnol’“.   “‘A comissão será um santuário da Ciência e uma antítese estridente do obscurantismo negacionista e sepulcral’, garantiu o relator”….    Sexta-feira:   Fernando de Barros e Silva, José Roberto de Toledo e Thais Bilenky, “De posto Ipiranga a loja de conveniência“….


ÍNDIA :  Quarta-feira:   Frank Chen, “Cool India response to China’s Covid helping hand“….    (Tass), “Putin, Modi discuss Sputnik V production in India“.  “The agenda included the development of partnership between the two countries”….    Quinta-feira:   Uma S. Kambhampati, “India’s Covid crisis set to derail world economy“.   “The severity and scale of India’s accelerating Covid-19 catastrophe will inevitably have contagion effects beyond its borders”…. Brasil e África do Sul são mencionados… Autora é professora de economia na Reading University, Inglaterra, para onde ela migrou vindo da Índia em 1981….    Sexta-feira:  Jayati Ghosh, “Why Covid-19 is running amok in India“….     Sábado:   (DW), “Por que a segunda onda da pandemia é tão severa na Índia?“….


CHINA :  Segunda-feira:    (GlobalTimes), “China’s sanctions on UK not retaliatory; further countermeasures against ‘UK lawyers and Canadian MPs’ on the way“….     Chris Gill, “Chinese regulators propose sweeping measures for live marketing“.  “In a country where media is censored, this live-streaming phenomenon brings out a bit of a contradiction – a proportion of the population is streaming live on the Internet, selling things; it needs some serious head-scratching to pull this off – and a lot of new rules”….       Chris Gill, “China’s central bank and Ant team up to develop digital yuan platform“.   “Ant and PBoC have formally agreed to promote construction of a digital yuan technology platform; And the big six state banks are pushing the e-CNY – to provide consumers with a payment alternative to Alipay and WeChat Pay”….      Anthony Rowley, “Amid US-China tensions, Asia must come together to take back its destiny“.   “Asia’s internal differences leave it susceptible to outside intervention or even manipulation, and that stops it from realizing its full potential”.   “That the divides remain so pronounced shows political development lags behind economic development. The region must grow up and learn to stand on its own feet”. Com pequena ajuda do Brasil, da América do Sul….    Terça-feira:   William Pesek, “Jack Ma re-emerges on the digital yuan vanguard“.  “Alibaba founder is back in Xi Jinping’s good books as he helps to drive China’s digital currency revolution”….    Rachel Zhang, “China to mobilise its private companies to help India fight Covid-19 surge“.  “Beijing promises to meet Indian requests for supplies and to guide Chinese companies to actively provide support”.  “Foreign ministry also reminds India’s fellow members of US-led Quad to fulfil their international responsibilities”….    Alexander Mercouris, “China Sanctions Britain: London Shocked“….    Quinta-feira:   (Twitter), “China on Thursday sent into space the core module of its space station“….     Rick Sanchez, “China stuns Biden and the world with new space station“. (Vídeo)….    Frank Chen, “China has lift-off for its new space station“.  “Launch of Tianhe module marks the start of an ambitious program to put Chinese taikonauts into permanent orbit by 2022″….     Sarah Zheng, “China ‘will not accept’ US challenges to its Communist politics, leaders“.  “‘It is normal for China and the US to have some differences, but the key is to have mutual respect,’ Beijing’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi says in People’s Daily article”.   “China has no intention to promote its political system or reject the democratic systems of the United States, he says”….    (Tass), “Beijing lambasts Pentagon’s budget increase as being caused by ‘mental disorder’“.   “Certain representatives of the US administration have become obsessed with speculation over the so-called Chinese threat, the spokesman said”….


USAMÉRICA :  INFLACIONADA! :  Segunda-feira:  Wolf Richter, “Forget 2% inflation“.  “With Margins Forcefully Squeezed, Big Companies Raise Prices, Point at Massive Inflation Overshoot. Smaller companies too: Boots-on-the-ground view of surging costs in the roofing manufacturing industry. The Fed will brush it off as “temporary,” but the inflationary mindset has set in”….     Quarta-feira:   Wolf Richter, “Imports, Trade Deficit in Goods Explode to Worst Ever, Powered by Stimmies and Decades of Rampant Offshoring“.  “Imports of consumer goods spiked by 38%. Imports are not a sign of economic strength, but are a drag on GDP”….    (ZeroHedge), “‘Mom And Pop’ Landlords Dying On The Vine As Un-Evictable Tenants Enjoy Pandemic Protections….    Bill Bonner, “Changing [US]America, one good intention at a time“….    Quinta-feira:   Andrew Salmon, “Who should [US]America give its surplus vaccine to?“….     Micah Curtis, “The Republican Party’s only African American senator has just shown why he should be chosen to run against Joe Biden in 2024“….     Philip Giraldi, “The U.S. Congress Turns on Itself“….      David P. Goldman, “The US dollar will fall and bond yields will rise“.  (Chart of the Day).  “Time to protect capital and to be afraid, very afraid!”….    Bill Bonner, “You get what you pay for“….      George Russell, “US not competing with Beijing on digital currency, says Fed chair“. “Critics express concern that Washington is worried that e-money backed by a large economy such as China poses a threat to the greenback’s supremacy”….    Wolf Richter, “Inflation Jumped by 3.8% in Q1, ‘Real GDP’ Rose 1.6%, Dragged Down by Record Trade Deficit and Drop in Inventories“.   “Even the Fed’s repressed inflation measure without food and energy rose 2.3% annual rate in Q1″….     Sexta-feira:   Wolf Richter,  “Free-Money Stimmies Blow Out Consumer Income & Spending on Goods for a Glorious WTF Chart of the Year“.   “This is just freaking nuts. It explains the record trade deficits, bottlenecks, shortages, and inflation pressures, among other distortions”….     Sábado:   Otaviano Canuto, “A mãe de todas as recuperações“. Não pode haver maior contraste entre o que Canuto escreve e o que Stacy Herbert e Max Keiser dizem nas duas seleções seguintes….     Stacy Herbert e Max Keiser, “The Relentless Pump“.   “Max and Stacy look at the central banks pumping money into the economy leading to a shortage of workers willing to roll out of bed for less than $50. In the second half, Max interviews Craig Hemke of about gold prices unable to signal anything thanks to intervention in price discovery”….      Stacy Herbert e Max Keiser, “The Fraying“.   “Max and Stacy look at the fraying of the global currency reserve system as the Triffin Dilemma reaches its inevitable conclusion. They look at the rise of populism as the result of the built-in problem with a fiat reserve currency and how a bitcoin standard could reduce the volatility and inherent violence of a capricious fiat regime”….


USAMÉRICA E TURQUIA :  Terça-feira:   M. K. Bhadrakumar, “Biden chips away at ties with Turkey“….


UNIÃO EUROPEIA :  Sexta-feira:   (RTQuestionMore), “European economy slides into double-dip recession after new Covid-19 wave“….


RÚSSIA : Segunda-feira:   M. K. Bhadrakumar, “Putin recites the distribution of power in central Europe“….


IRÃ :  Terça-feira:   Pepe Escobar, “The shadow play that turns Viena into a sideshow“….      John Helmer, “Mohammad Javad Zarif’s allegations against Russia is false“….    E ARÁBIA SAUDITA :  Jason Ditz, “Iran Hopes for Better Ties After ‘Change of Tone’“….


CORONAVIRUS :  Sábado:   (TheEconomist), Edição Especial….


BITCOIN :  Quarta-feira:   (ZeroHedge), “Meet The Billionaire Who ‘Finally Understood Bitcoin’ After Tripping On Magic Mushrooms“….    Quinta-feira:   Stacy Herbert e Max Keiser, (Apenas a primeira parte do KeiserReportRT).   Recent Bitcoin Crash Was Only The BEGGINING! The Economy Is Getting Scary! Bitcoin Price! Max Keiser talks bitcoin and where he sees the economy heading in the near future! Watch this video until the end so you don’t miss any bitcoin news!”….