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Abril 2021
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BRASIL : Segunda-feira:   Priscila Yazbek, “Por que a Bolsa está descolando do PIB, ignorando a pandemia e os riscos político e fiscal?“.   “Enquanto o PIB é revisado para baixo, a Bolsa vai superando as expectativas e recupera os 120 mil pontos; o que explica a alta e quais as perspectivas?”….    Terça-feira:   David P. Goldman, “Emerging markets financial performance tracks Covid“.  “Until the virus situation clarifies, no reason to dabble in India, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines markets”….    Sexta-feira:    José Paulo Kupfer, “Brasil vive também pandemia de fechamento de fábricas e saída de empresas“….


GOVERNO BOLSONARO :  Quinta-feira:   “Bolsonaro sanciona Orçamento com vetos parciais e dá vitória a Paulo Guedes“….     Murilo Fagundes, “Bolsonaro pede “justa remuneração” internacional por serviços ambientais“….    Sábado:  Guilherme Waltenberg com Gilmar Mendes, “Wajngarten me procurou ‘aflito’ para pedir ajuda com a Pfizer, diz Gilmar Mendes“. (Vídeo)….


IMPEACHMENT :  Segunda-feira:   André Barrocal com Alessandro Vieira, “Nata do Senado na CPI, Apuros para o Presidente“….   Terça-feira:   Douglas Rodrigues, “Bolsonaro diz a empresários não temer a CPI do Covid“….     Sexta-feira:  Mateus Maia, “Governo joga a toalha sobre mudar relatoria da CPI da covid no Senado“. “Membros não veem espaço para mudar [e] Renan Calheiros deve ser confirmado”….


USAMÉRICA :  Segunda-feira:   David P. Goldman, “Inflation isn’t coming – it’s already here“….    (ZeroHedge), “‘Stunning Divergence’: Something is Technically Broken in the Financial System“. Deflation and inflation….    Stacy Herbert e Max Keiser com Alasdair Macleod,  “This Isn’t Normal“. “ Max and Stacy look at the charts from Constantin Gurdgiev on US labor participation rates: this isn’t normal. In the second half Max continues his conversation with Alasdair Macleod of about geopolitics in an age of rampant money printing”….    Bill Bonner, “The Fed’s Fraud Has Made Wealth a Gamble“.  ” The federal government has infused so much printed money into the U.S. economy that money no longer represents real wealth. And the meaning of wealth has begun to evolve… into what Bill calls a gamble and a lottery”….        Terça-feira:  Bill Bonner, “Ka-Boom Time!” or “A Real Boom Versus a Fake Boom”….    Quinta-feira:   Stacy Herbert e Max Keiser com Charles Hugh Smith, “Keiser Report looks at ‘overabundance of parasitic elites’ & the problems they cause for society“….     Bill Bonner, “On the Road… to Ruin“….      Sexta-feira:  David P. Goldman, “US inflation indicators flashing red alarm“.   “Asia Times’ calculations show 4% consumer and 8% wholesale price inflation in the pipeline by midsummer”. (Gráfico do Dia). Inflation is at red alarm levels, former Treasury Secretary Summers warns, and new data from the Fed should make you very afraid.”….     Sábado:   Frank Chen, “TSMC founder doubts US competence in chip-making“.   “Taiwanese semiconductor giant’s founder warns of rocky road for the company’s new $12 billion manufacturing plant in Arizona”….    Domingo:  Nick Corbishley, “Producer Prices Surge. Germany, China, other Countries Are Now Exporting Inflation, Adding to US Inflation Pressures“….


COVID-19 :  Quarta-feira:    Ron Unz, “[US]American Pravda: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback?“….


CHINA :  Segunda-feira:   Orange Wang, “Yuan internationalisation goal ‘is not to replace US dollar’, top China banking official insists“.   “China’s efforts to promote its digital currency, as well as the internationalisation of the yuan, had caused concerns it wanted to topple the US dollar as the world’s main reserve currency”.   “New People’s Bank of China (PBOC) deputy governor Li Bo also confirmed that there remains no timeline for a nationwide rollout of the digital yuan”….        Terça-feira:  Stephen Chen, “China starts large-scale testing of its internet of the future“.  “Experimental network connects 40 leading universities to prepare for an AI-driven society five to 10 years down the track”.  “The facility will become a prototype ‘future internet’ with huge bandwidth to connect the many devices expected to be commonplace”….    Frank Chen, China’s ‘women deficit’ taking a demographic toll“.   “China’s stubborn ‘guy glut’ could tilt the nation towards negative population growth, social problems and endemic loneliness”.  Falta de mulheres na China….      Quarta-feira:   Mario Cesar Carvalho, “China vai de vilão a exemplo na política ambiental e dá lições para os EUA“….      David P Goldman, “China’s digital yuan displaces the dollar“. (Gráfico do Dia). “$16 trillion of US dollar deposits may disappear”. “Be afraid, be very afraid!” — Se você é cidadão de USAmérica, vale esse bordão de Goldman:Tenha medo, muito medo!” Se você é cidadão de qualquer outro país e seu país segue a economia do dólar como faz o Brasil, tenha também medo, muito medo! Se seu país não segue a economia do dólar, relaxe a aprecie o cenário espetacular que se desenvolve no mundo das duas globalizações!….     Quinta-feira:    Frank Chen, “China signals shift with tipped new ambo to US“.  “Plainspoken Qin Gang expected to become Beijing’s next top envoy in Washington despite his lack of US experience”.


CHINA E JAPÃO :  Sexta-feira:   William Pesek, “The myth of China-Japan decoupling“.   “Despite the Tokio-Washington political axis, Japan Inc has never been so reliant on China’s growing markets”. E não será esta a situação para a maioria dos países do mundo?…


USAMÉRICA E CHINA :  Terça-feira:   Urban C. Lehner, “US-China competition not the same as a Cold War“.  “Selective decoupling means economic interdependence will continue even as the rivals compete technologically, militarily and ideologically”….


USAMÉRICA E JAPÃO :  Terça-feira:   Richard Javad Heydarian, “US-Japan roll out digital counter to China’s BRI“.   “Suga-Biden summit launched multi-billion dollar plan to challenge BRI-backed Digital Silk Road scheme with more ventures to come”.  ‘Roll out’ é expressão apropriada. É como ‘roll out’ de dados, jogar dados e não se sabe mesmo o que vai dar….


UNIÃO EUROPEIA :  Terça-feira:    Liu Zhen, “Europe ‘doesn’t want to see a new cold war between China and US’“.  “The EU says its new Asia-Pacific strategy highlights that it will always pick cooperation over confrontation”.  One senior Brussels official says the bloc has learned many lessons from the Cold War and does not want to return to those days”….


RÚSSIA :  Terça-feira:   (RTQuestionMore) “US Ambassador to Russia to return to America: Sullivan heads home after advice from Moscow to go to Washington for ‘consultations’“….     Fyodor Lukyanov, “Putin & Biden summit will delight media, but it won’t change anything… relations between Russia & US are being slowly dismantled“….     Quinta-feira:   (RTQuestiontionMore), “Russia to withdraw troops from deployment on border with Ukraine, Moscow confirms, as major snap exercises in Crimea conclude“….     Sexta-feira:   Pepe Escobar, “Putin Rewrites the Law of the Geopolítical Jungle“….    Geoffrey Roberts, “Restraining Russia through friendship: Lessons from the 19th century“.   “The late historian Paul Schroeder offered insights into how to bring Russia into a collective security arrangement”. Causa espécie a primeira palavra (Restraining) no título desse artigo. Será a Rússia que precisa de restraining? Ou será o chamado Ocidente?.  Domingo:   The Saker,What Just Happened in Ukraine?“….


IRÃ E ISRAEL :  Sexta-feira:   Richard Silverstein, “Iran-Israel Tensions: The threat of nuclear disaster looms large“….    Sábado:  Elijah J. Marnier, “Syria Launched a Missile Towards Israel: Payback Time?“….


GOLFO :  Terça-feira:   M. K. Bhadrakumar, “Gulf’s geopolitics twist and turn in new alignments“.   “Biden administration’s regional rethink is helping to reshape relations and dynamics in previously unimagined ways”….


ÍNDIA :  Quinta-feira:   Indrajit Basu, “Second wave to set India back by two years, worsen global poverty“.   “The deadly second wave threatens to set the Indian economy back to the level it was at in 2019 and spur more mass poverty; unemployment soaring, rural areas worst hit”….     Pradeep Taneja e Azad Singh Bali, “India’s Covid catastrophe could have been avoided“.  “Modi government dropped its guard too soon as India reports a record 314,000 new daily cases and the real number likely much higher”….    Sábado:   M. K. Bhadrakumar, “Modi Government’s vaccine diplomacy unravels — within Índia and abroad“….    Vijay Prashad, “India’s Covid crisis is mostly Modi’s fault“.   “PM Modi’s failure to take the pandemic seriously has resulted in what could be the world’s worst-yet Covid-19 catastrophe”….


ECONOMIA :  Terça-feira:    Wolf Richter, “The WTF Charts of the EV SPAC Hype Boom Are Imploding Spectacularly“….    Quarta-feira:   Bill Bonner, “Confessions of a Doomsayer“.Mecanicistas x Moralistas….


BITCOIN :  Segunda-feira:   Tom Luongo, “The Bankers are Coming! The Bankers are Coming … for Your Bitcoin“….    Sábado:   (CGTN), “Bitcoin tumbles below $50,000, other cryptos sink over Biden tax plans“….      Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser with Charles Hugh Smith, “The Hash Wars Are Here“. Continuação, vídeo. “Max and Stacy look at the flow of hard money into China as rumours fly of gold-backed central bank digital currencies and bitcoin receives some positive words from the PBOC. In the second half Max continues his interview with Charles Hugh Smith of about the Cultural Revolution sweeping the West and what it means for the economy going forward”….


BANCOS :  Quarta-feira:   David P. Goldman, “China’s digital yuan displaces the dollar“.  “$16 trillion of US dollar deposits may disappear”.  (Chart of the Day, YouTube). “Digital yuan could bust the US as fintech replaces banking”. J. P. Morgan’s Jamie Dimon’s remark: banks are playing increasingly smaller role in the finance system, because of competition from fintech. China’s fintech. The digital yuan is a formidable challenge to the U.S. “Be afraid, very afraid!”….


MERCADOS :  Quarta-feira:   Jon Macaskill, “SPAC 2.0 shift is a dilemma for Asian billionaires“.   “SPAC prices are slipping after SEC intervention, posing a dilemma for Asian investors who want to join the global listing party”….


TRABALHO REMOTO :  Quarta-feira:   Wolf Richter, “What Companies & Office Workers Said About Work from Home: Landlords Are Out of Luck“…. Os senhorios estão sem sorte….