João da Silveira



Abril 2021

Seg. Ter. Qua. Qui. Sex. Sáb. Dom.
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BRASIL : Segunda-feira:   Carlos Tadeu de Freitas Gomes, “Por que o endividamento está maior no país?“….  “XP/Ipespe: Em alta, rejeição a Bolsonaro chega a 48%“….   Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr., “Governo nas cordas: ‘Bolsonaro não foi nocauteado, mas está cambaleante“….   Quarta-feira:  Robson Braga de Andrade,  “Semana será emblemática para infraestrutura no país“….   José Paulo Kupfer, “Plano Biden expõe atraso do Brasil e aumenta risco de isolamento“.  Quê será que José Paulo Kupfer anda lendo? Essa pergunta serve também a mim: quê que estamos lendo?….   Sexta-feira:   Tânia Monteiro, “Isolamento militar“.  “Exército contrariou negacionismo de Bolsonaro, exigiu máscara, impôs distanciamento contra a Covid – e isso custou cargo a general”….


GOVERNO BOLSONARO : Terça-feira:   “Bolsonaro conversa com Putin sobre compra da Sputnik V: ‘Grande possibilidade’“. Sapo não pula por boniteza, mas por precisão….   Quinta-feira:  “‘Não vou colocar o meu na reta’, diz Bolsonaro a empresários sobre orçamento“….    “Guedes fica sob ‘fogo cerrado’; já há bolsa de apostas para substitui-lo“….    Sexta-feira:   Leonardo Miazzo, “Em conjunto, governadores do Nordeste reagem ao ataque de Bolsonaro a Barroso: ‘Mais uma agressão’“.   ”É absolutamente inaceitável ver o País enfrentar uma crise tão profunda em meio à insana tentativa de criar falsas guerras’, afirmam”….


CHINA E IRÃ : Segunda-feira:  M. K. Bhadrakumar,  “China-Iran pact more than meets the eye“….


USAMÉRICA : Terça-feira:  Stacy Herbert e Max Keiser com Lawrence Lepard, “The ‘Complex Bets’ Behind the Next Crash” (Vídeo). In the first half, “Max and Stacy look at the increase in leverage and ‘complex bets’ threatening to unravel at the slightest change in interest rates or stock prices. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Lawrence Lepard, an independent investment adviser, about the dollar, inflation and global trade.”.…   David P. Goldman, “How Long can the Federal Reserve levitate the stock market?“. (Gráfico do Dia, Vídeo)….   Pepe Escobar, Bombshell book in Germany revives 9/11 as a business model“. Resenha do livro Denken wie der Feind – 20 Jahre Ausnahmezustand 9/11 und die Geopolitik des Terrors de Lars Schall. Veja e ouça também : – The Saker, 09/09/2016. (Vídeo)….    Paul Antonopoulos, “Kissinger Warns Washington to Accept New Global System or Face a Pre-WWI Geopolitical Situation“….      Quarta-feira:   “‘Gigantic Clusterf**k’: How Morgan Stanley Avoided $10BN In Archegos Losses By Selling First“….   “Dr. Fauci Can’t Explain Why Texas COVID Cases Keep Dropping Despite Reopening“….   Andrei Martyanov, “The Dictatorship of Numbers“. “In Continuation of a Conversation with Paul Craig Roberts“….      Quinta-feira:   “Is Another Family Office Blowing Up: JPM Dumps 9MM Share Block Of ASO After Hours“….    David P. Goldman, “The United States Has Turned Into a Death-Spiral Convertible Bond“. Be afraid, in fact, very afraid! (Gráfico do Dia, Vídeo)….   Sexta-feira:   ‘There Are Absolutely No Job Seekers’: How Trillions In Stimulus Sparked A Historic Job Market Crisis”….   Sábado:   Bill Bonner, “Today’s Inflation is Deliberate and Disastrous“. Not cyclical and temporary, but structural and durable….


USAMÉRICA E RÚSSIA :  Terça-feira:   Patrick Armstrong, “They’re Not Even Trying To Make Sense Now“. The long-running ‘Russiagate’ nonsense….    Pepe Escobar,  “Russia ‘would really not want’ Cold War 2.0“.  “The Triple Yoda, Nikolai Patrushev, hopes cooler heads can avoid sanctions such as the SWIFT ‘nuclear option'”….


MAR NEGRO :  Sábado:   Joseph Travithick, “Russian and US Warships Are Headed for the Black Sea“….


ROBERT MUNDELL : Terça-feira:  David P. Goldman,  “Robert Mundell, architect of Reaganomics, is dead“….


CHINA : Quarta-feira:   Mário César Carvalho,  “China lança moeda digital e ameaça reinado do dólar no comércio internacional“….    David P. Goldman, “Chinese stocks face headwind of monetary tightening“. (Gráfico do Dia, Vídeo)….     William Pesek, “Beijing’s be-careful-what-you-wish-for dilemma“.  “China is luring more capital than it knows what to do with – a conundrum for Xi’s financial brains trust”….


CHINA E USAMÉRICA :  CAPITALISMO INDUSTRIAL X CAPITALISMO FINANCEIRO : Sábado:   Andrew Shang, “Surge in US government spending pits America against China’s state capitalism. Which is doing better?“. “The trillions of dollars the US is throwing at reviving jobs and repairing crumbling infrastructure has to be funded by higher taxes and borrowing from the rest of the world. In China, the state owns a quarter of the net national wealth and can modernize infrastructure without imposing higher taxes on citizens”. Qual é melhor?, Shang pergunta. E nós perguntamos: qual é melhor para o Brasil?….


UCRÂNIA E POLÔNIA : Quarta-feira:   Pepe Escobar,  “Ukraine redux: war, Russophobia and Pipelineistan“….    John Helmer, “The Bornholm Bash, the Baltic Bluff, the Blinken Blink — The Retreat of Force from War“….     Sexta-feira:   Dave Makichuc, “Merkel urges pullback in Ukraine, as US eyes action“.  “Biden administration ponders sending US warships into the Black Sea in a show of support for Ukraine”….


UE E TURQUIA : Quarta-feira:  “Erdogan Left Europe Commission President Speechless After Humiliating Snub“….


ISRAEL E IRÃ :  Quarta-feira  “Iranian Spy Vessel Damaged By Israeli Mine Attack, Claims NYT“….


BITCOIN :  Quinta-feira:    “‘Pro-Crypto’ Peter Thiel Warns Bitcoin ‘Could Be A Chinese Financial Weapon Against The US’“. Reference made to Sonya Mann’s “Peter Thiel Says, ‘Çrypto Is Libertarian, A.I. Is Communist.’ What The Hell Does That Mean?“, 01/02/2018. Decentralization and centralization… Anarchy and rule of law… Subjectivity and objectivity….   Sexta-feira:   Nozomi Hayase, “Bitcoin: Revolutionary Money in a Time of Universal Deceit“. “…Bitcoin aids WikiLeaks to keep governments transparent and honest”….


EGITO :  ARQUEOLOGIA :  Sábado:  “‘Lost Golden City’ Rises from the Egyptian Sand“….


MIKHAIL GORBACHEV :  FIM DA UNIÃO SOVIÉTICA : Domingo:  Pietro Shakarian, “Conversations with Gorbachev” (Part I of III, 12/04/2014)  “Part I of a documentary film by Rosemarie Reed featuring conversations between former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Professor of Soviet Studies at NYU and Princeton Stephen F. Cohen. 1994. Used with permission of the filmmaker”.  (Part II of III, 13/04/2014).  (Part III of III, 13/04/2014)….