João da Silveira

Março 2021
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BRASIL : Terça-feira:  Ricardo Muniz com Celso Amorim, “Celso Amorim vê o desastre diplomático brasileiro“. “País perde oportunidade histórica com a China, que precisa de parceiros no Sul Global. Isolado, Itamaraty vê parcerias de Pequim deslocarem-se para África e Argentina. Pária, arrisca-se a perder laços históricos também com Índia e Rússia”….  VACINA DA CHINA :  Guilherme Waltenberg, “Problemas com a vacina da Oxford levaram europeus a procurarem vacinas chinesas diz Thomas Law“. Em vídeo, entrevista com Thomas Law, do IBRACHINA….  Quarta-feira:  Hamilton Ferrari, “Selic sobe para 2,75% e juros têm primeiro aumento em quase 6 anos“.  “Taxa estava em 2% ao ano. Inflação pressionou o Copom. Última alta foi em julho de 2015[, indo de 13,75 para 14,75]“….  Ishaan Tharoor, “Brazil’s rolling coronavirus disaster is a global problem“….  “Lula pede a Biden que convoque uma reunião do G-20 e garanta uma distribuição justa de vacinas“.  “O petista disse não acreditar no governo Bolsonaro. ‘E, também, não poderia pedir isso para Trump’, acrescentou…”….  Quinta-feira:  Pepe Escobar, Brazil’s Lula in a Wilderness of Mirrors“.  “Still in the legal woods and not daring to project as a revolutionary leader, Lula should nonetheless never be underestimated”. “Wilderness of Mirrors: Geroncio of T.S.Elliot… Michael ByrneJSTOR…”…


IMPÉRIO : Terça-feira:  Pepe Escobar, “The Raging Twenties: A New Map of Distopia“….


USAMÉRICA : Segunda-feira:  “The ‘Most Important Question’ For Investors: Where Will Biden’s Trillion’s in Stimmy End Up?“….  “Marines [Fuzileiros Navais] Admit ‘Messing Up’ For Attacking Tucker Carlson Over ‘Pregnant Soldiers’ Commentary“….  “The US Keeps Losing In Every Simulated War-Game Against China“….   Alastair Crooke, “Leviathan Mobilizes for Decisive Battle“….  Quarta-feira:  David P. Goldman, “Fed Pumps More Air into Bubble: Bond Yields Down, Stocks UP“. Be afraid, he concludes. Be very afraid!….  Sábado:‘Things Are Out Of Control’: There Is A Shortage Of Everything And Prices Are Soaring: What Happens Next”. FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee)… Powell’s experiment with red-hot inflation from now til 2023… Fed’s rate will still be at zero til then….  John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead, “Digital Trails: How the FBI Is Identifying, Tracking and Rounding Up Dissidents“….  “‘It’s Pretty Windy Outside’ – White House Blames ‘Climate’ For Biden’s Biff On Air Force One Steps”….   Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser with Michael Pento, “All Bread, No Circuses“. “…Max and Stacy look at the ‘grim’ data on the ‘exploding’ U.S. deficits and what the Congressional Budget Office forecasts over the next thirty years: more debt. In the second half, Max interviews Michael Pento of who takes a very, very different position to Stan Druckenmiller on the U.S. dollar”….   “People Are Snapping Up Virtual Land Like Hotcakes — And Now There’s A Fund“. NFT (Non-Fungibul Tokens)… Metaverse… Republic Real Estate….


CHINA E USAMÉRICA : ANCHORAGE : Quarta-feira:  Shi Jiangtao, “With economic growth and shift in power balance, China brings a new confidence to the table in Alaska“…   Jeff Pao, US, China to draw and test ‘red lines’ in Alaska“.  “America’s top diplomat provocatively refers to Taiwan as ‘country’ ahead of tone-setting meeting with Chinese counterpart”…  Johan Svensson, “Chip shortage could present new US-China flashpoint“. “TSMC’s pre-eminence in the field was already becoming a point of tension in the long-standing conflict between Taipei and Beijing”….  Quinta-feira:  Pepe Escobar, For Leviathan, it’s so cold in Alaska“.  “Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi will seek to make shark’s fin soup out of Antony Blinken and Jake Sullivan at the Anchorage summit”….  Tom Fowdy, “Don’t expect this week’s talks in Alaska to break any ice between Beijing and Washington – here’s why“….  Sexta-feira:  Mark Magnier, “US-China summit in Alaska turns civil after fiery start, but no room for hosted dinner….   Tom Fowdy, “America badmouths China as their joint talks get off to a pugnacious start – but then asks for Beijing’s HELP over North Korea…“….


CHINA : Quarta-feira:  Frank Chen, China’s new tech drive a tale of two cities“.   “Shanghai and Shenzhen elevated as top hubs in national plan to break West’s stranglehold on chips”….   Quinta-feira:  Zhou Xin, Coco Feng and Minghe Hu, “With rising confidence, Xi Jinping wields the internet as a tool of empowerment and control, speeches reveal“….   Chris Gill, “China’s ‘new era’ and ‘new economy’ explained“.  “It’s all about communication, the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things”.…    Sexta-feira:  Chris Gill and Jim Pollard, “China’s tech executives called in for security warning over ‘deepfakes’“.  “Bytedance, Alibaba, Tencent and big internet firms told they must undertake security assessments because they are public information systems providers; Security agencies ordered to probe technologies that can create ‘very realistic’ fake videos and voice audios”….  Ajith Singh, “The ‘Independent’ Report Claiming Wyghur Genocide“….


RÚSSIA & USAMÉRICA : Quinta-feira:  “Putin Responds to Biden’s ‘Killer’ Slur: ‘It Takes One To Know One’“….


RÚSSIA : Sexta-feira:  “Researchers Believe It Is Possible To Become Immortal“….


BITCOIN : Terça-feira:Bitcoin worth more than Visa & Matercard combined“….   Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser, “The Blocksize Wars“. To The Moon [9/10]….  Quarta-feira:  Michael Ippolito with Lyn Alden,  “The Connection between Inflation and Bitcoin“….  Sábado:  If Bitcoin didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it right now“….  Domingo:  Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser, “Bitcoin is the Cosmic Now“. Orange Pill [OP33]….


OIL : Sexta-feira:  “Asia to account for 90% of global oil demand growth through 2025 – IEA“….