What Happens When Science Goes Wrong


Emma Walsh

Dec. 13, 2020


In ancient times, rulers used religion to keep their subjects under their thumb.

Modern-day leaders use science… especially “economic science.”

With their Ph.D.s and their printing presses, they believe they can “fix” the U.S. economy.

And the free money they so nobly dispense appeases their subjects… and blinds them to the subterfuge.


Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image The Guillotine Is Waiting
In the French Revolution of 1789, 17,000 of the elite class were guillotined. But they were simply replaced with a new elite – people who had merely switched their allegiance. The same thing is happening in America today, with Biden’s team set to keep the “system” going as it is.

image Science Über Alles
As the battle against the coronavirus continues, our enlightened leaders claim to be guided not by the U.S. Constitution, but by science. But history – and the world’s graveyards – are littered with examples of the misuse of science.

image What Milton Friedman Did to Capitalism
American economist Milton Friedman believed he had “cracked the code” of inflation. It could be eliminated, he thought, by controlling the money supply. But by leaving this task up to the Federal Reserve, and removing the gold-backing from the U.S. dollar, he has done more harm than good.

image Fed’s Science Is Bogus
The “science” behind the feds’ policies to save the U.S. economy is totally bogus. In their hubris, they believe they have the knowledge, the ability, and the courage to fight the downturn. But all they have is a printing press and an unending supply of fake money.

image If It’s Bread and Circuses the People Want…
Voters have become so accustomed to the feds’ meddling in the economy, they’ve come to expect – and even rely on – their handouts. And the feds are more than happy to fire up the printing press and oblige…

image Here’s How You Can Fund Your Retirement for Less
If you’re planning for your retirement, this weekend’s guest essay is a must-read. Our colleague David Forest from Casey Research has found a safer way to invest … without compromising upside. And It’s even cheaper than buying stocks… but with much higher potential gains.

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