New Team, Old Ways


Emma Walsh

Dec, 06, 2020


Joe Biden is busy lining up his transition team ahead of his move into the Oval Office in January. If nothing else, it promises to be the most diverse team in the White House ever.

But having a diverse team doesn’t guarantee a different outcome. When it comes to monetary policies, Biden’s picks aren’t likely to steer the economy away from the cliff-edge on which it now sits.


Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Life Behind the Mask
Back in the U.S. after nine months on his ranch in Argentina, Bill is adjusting to life in what now feels like a “foreign country.” And he is still trying to figure out if wearing the “holy rag” will ultimately be of any benefit.

image Here Come the Hacks
Continuing his “notes from a foreign country,” Bill muses that over the years, Mother Nature has provided America with the leaders it needed to make a fool of itself. And now, here comes a new team intent on keeping America on the downward slope to its final disaster.

image Status Quo Ante
Today, Bill takes a look at Joe Biden’s new team. But rather than bringing together a panel of experts and new faces from around the country, Biden hasn’t strayed much outside the Beltway. And diversity, not competence, seems to be the order of the day.

image The First Shall Be Last
More from Bill today on Biden’s new team. Lots of “firsts” – first woman, first person of color, etc. And lots of “diversity.” But the appearance of diversity doesn’t guarantee that things at the top will look any different in reality. Biden won’t halt America’s descent into destruction.

image Tesla Is Flying
American stock markets seem to be hitting new all-time highs every week these days. News of an imminent COVID-19 vaccine and a new bailout from the feds is driving stocks higher and higher. Tesla, the electric carmaker, is one such stock whose engine is gunning right now.

image COVID-19 Is Fueling This Tech Trend
The world watches closely as biotechnology companies race to produce a COVID-19 vaccine. But our friend and colleague Jeff Brown is focusing on other biotech firms working on radical new approaches to vaccines and therapies, including one small-cap whose shares, he says, could rocket 1,000% in a single day.

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