Learning From the Past to Prepare for the Future


Emma Walsh

Nov. 29, 2020


After more than nine months locked down on his ranch in Argentina, Bill has finally returned to the U.S. He spent the week catching up with family and friends.

Meanwhile, we revisited some of Bill’s earlier essays. First up, we heard why he decided to buy the ranch in Argentina all those years ago… and what he has learned from his years living and doing business there.

Then, we take a look back at some essays Bill penned in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s election in 2016. Trump campaigned on a number of big promises. But would the Swamp let him follow through on them?


Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Why We Bought the Ranch in Argentina
Today, we revisit an essay Bill penned a number of years ago in response to readers’ questions about his reasons for buying the ranch in Argentina.

image What Argentina Can Teach Us
Bill recounts three key lessons he has learned from his time living and working in Argentina. He believes they can help us prepare ourselves – and our families – for a more dysfunctional system in the U.S.

image America Got the President It Deserved
Today, we begin a series of lookbacks at Bill’s essays penned in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s election in 2016. Trump had made some big promises during his first election campaign. Bill looks at an earlier presidential campaign that promised radical change to see how it fared…

image The Deep State Is Not Under Threat
We’re back in 2016 again… Donald Trump has just been elected president, having promised repeatedly to “drain the Swamp.” But the insiders knew better…

image New Group of Foxes in the Henhouse
It’s November 2016… three days after the U.S. presidential election. Trump’s campaign was largely based around his promise to “drain the Swamp.” But Bill wonders if Trump has the stomach for the revolution that would inevitably follow.

image The System Will Continue to Protect the System
In the final installment of Bill’s post-election essays from 2016, we see Donald Trump starting to put together his “transition team.” But where were the promised outsiders? Where were the bomb-throwing revolutionaries?

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