A Dark Winter Is Coming


Emma Walsh

Nov. 22, 2020


This week, Bill and Elizabeth’s enforced nine-month-long lockdown on their ranch in Northwestern Argentina came to an end. They’re on their way back home for Thanksgiving.

So this week, we had our final few updates and stories from the ranch…

…and an ominous warning about the dark winter that lies ahead.


Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Getting Ready to Leave the Ranch
As they prepare to leave the ranch and return to the U.S. this week, Bill and Elizabeth throw an asado, inviting their friends and neighbors to join them for a farewell BBQ.

image Beginning of the End?
The Federal Reserve is “printing” $11 billion in new money per day. And the rate at which money is changing hands is going up. The smart money is selling dollars. Our editor asks: Is this the beginning of the end for the fake dollar?

image Dark Winter Cometh
The real economy cannot produce a real recovery. So the feds step in, with their fake money and fake growth. But even though they can goose up consumer spending and jazz up the stock market, they can’t boost real output… real earnings… or real wealth.

image Back to the Usual Grift
Bill is on his way back to the U.S. And he’s back to his usual beat – money. Money is what we use to keep track. Much of life depends on it. Fake the money, and you also fake all the realities that rule our lives.

image Raising the Cross
In one final act of faith before leaving the ranch for his journey home to the U.S., Bill raises a fallen cross on the mountain. And he warns that the feds’ faith in fake money is about to be tested…

image Three Conditions for a Free Market Economy
Colleague Tom Dyson’s overall investing philosophy is very similar to Bill’s. He’s a goldbug, just like Bill. And he favors long-term investments over short-term trading, too. Today, he describes the libertarian philosophy that underscores all his major investing (and life) decisions.

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