Time to Get Back to Normal


Emma Walsh

Nov. 15, 2020


This week, news of a potential coronavirus vaccine lifted everyone’s spirits… and their investment portfolios…

And with the U.S. presidential election in the rearview mirror, Bill looks forward to the next decade…

…searching for his next “Trade of the Decade”… and reflecting on the successes of his last two.

And before he and Elizabeth leave the ranch for their return to the U.S., one group of locals drops by to say buen viaje


Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Requiem for a Heavyweight
Last week’s championship bout between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was easily the worst heavyweight fight our editor has ever seen. The champ couldn’t land a decisive blow. The challenger’s weary legs had lost their spring. But after a dirty fight, the Big Man is out.

image Back to Normal?
News of a vaccine has everyone looking forward to a return to our normal, pre-coronavirus lives. This desire to get back to normal most likely also helped Joe Biden to victory in the election. But “normal” service under Biden won’t get the nation out of its steep decline.

image Devil on the Loose
Fake money is the Devil’s fodder. Financed by the feds’ printing press, Donald Trump already had the runaway government spending bus in high gear. Now, Joe Biden, assisted by thousands of lifelong Washington insiders, has found the overdrive button.

image What to Do Now
Last week, Bill started to tell us about his two Trades of the Decade. In 2000, he recommended selling U.S. stocks and buying gold. Then in 2010, he said to buy Japanese stocks and sell Japanese government bonds. Today, he gives us a quick update on how those trades did… and looks ahead at his next one.

image A Procession for Santa Rita
As Bill prepares for his imminent return to the U.S., the locals on his ranch invoke the help of one of their saints for protection. And one local group stops by to express their thanks to Bill and Elizabeth, and wish them buen viaje in a most unusual and uplifting way.

image This Simple Tool Is the “Eighth Wonder of the World”
Longtime Diary readers know that Bill is a fan of putting your money to work over long time horizons. Today, colleague Jason Bodner shows how to use the power of compounding to grow your retirement portfolio… and which stocks are the best to supercharge your wealth.

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