Slipping Into Poverty


Emma Walsh

Oct. 18, 2020


So far, the feds have pumped between $3 and $4 trillion of their fake money into the economy to combat the damage caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns.

But even with all of this “stimulus,” the number of Americans slipping into poverty is on the rise. And the World Health Organization admits that the consequences of the lockdown might be worse than the coronavirus itself.

But the feds are determined to compound their mistakes. They’re trying to outdo each other in terms of how much more fake “stimulus” they can inject. Will it make any difference?

Meanwhile, Bill takes a long horse ride across Argentina’s Apachete mountains to discover a world long forgotten…

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Altered States
Last week, President Trump encouraged Congress to hold off on any further COVID-19 stimulus until after the November election. This week, he’s changed course. Now, he wants an even bigger package than was previously proposed…

image In Search of Santiago’s Aunt
Today, an expedition across the vast Apacheta mountains. Santiago works at a farm near Bill’s ranch in Argentina. His aunt lives in Cortaderita, on the other side of the mountains. When Bill hears that Santiago’s aunt hasn’t been heard from in over two decades, he decides it’s time to pay her a visit.

image In Search of Santiago’s Aunt – Part II
Reaching Cortaderita, six hours after setting off before dawn, Santiago is reunited with his aunt, Alejandra. He may be the first visitor she has had in many years. And her life in this desolate, barren part of the world – still without running water or electricity – can’t be easy.

image Lockdown More Deadly Than the Coronavirus
Bill has been saying for a long time that the global lockdowns were a big mistake. Now, the scientists agree. Even the World Health Organization admits that the lockdowns may have even worse consequences than the virus itself.

image Kicked in the Teeth by “Stimulus”
As anticipated, the “recovery” is petering out. Or was it really a recovery at all? Unemployment is up, federal debt is up, and GDP is down. Millions of Americans are slipping into poverty. Will even more of the feds’ magic elixir – fake, free money – make any difference?

image All Earthly Empires Die
Today, we publish an extract from Bill’s last book, Win-Win or Lose. In it, Bill explains how the whole system of modern public policy is built on false knowledge and unwarranted confidence, with barroom blowhards – sure they are right about everything – at the helm. That will ultimately be our downfall…

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