Debt Debacle Will Be Our Downfall


Emma Walsh

Oct. 11, 2020


The coronavirus and the presidential election have dominated the headlines in recent times.

But no one is talking about the biggest problem facing the nation right now…

We are staggering under an ever-increasing burden of debt. Much of it can never be repaid.

But rather than address the problem, the feds are intent on making it worse…

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image A Head-On Collision
The Baby Boomer elite has promised itself health and pension benefits worth over $200 trillion. Politically, they must be paid… But this year, taxes only brought the U.S. government half the money it needed. So how will it fund these “unfunded liabilities”?

image The Feds Dominate Your Life
The coronavirus was advertised as an existential threat. But for most people, the virus is not much of a threat at all. President Trump’s advice: Don’t let it dominate your life. Our editor argues the same might be said of the feds, whose policies are far more life-threatening than any virus.

image The Helicopters Are Standing By
After abruptly calling off negotiations on another COVID bailout, Donald Trump did a swift about-face. He’s now promising more $1,200 checks. The helicopters are standing by. But where will the money to pay for this latest bailout come from?

image The Coming Doomsday Debt Debacle
The biggest problem facing America right now isn’t COVID-19. It’s the mounting debt burden. Altogether, Americans owe $80 trillion. And that’s before we even begin to count the $200+ trillion of unfunded future entitlements including Social Security, pension, and medical benefits.

image Fat Mary Comes to Call
Down at his ranch in Argentina, our editor is engaged in a long-running war. The local Originarios claim to be taking back their ancestral lands, including his ranch. Today, an update on the latest developments.

image Three Simple Habits to Create Lasting Wealth
This weekend’s guest editor, former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari, knows all about building a fortune from scratch. When he arrived in the U.S. from Britain, aged 16, he had just $150 in his pocket. He shares three simple things you can do to build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

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