Elites Desperate to Hang On to Power


Emma Walsh

Oct. 4, 2020


America’s elites have built their power and status… and their wealth… over decades. They launched wars against drugs, poverty, terrorism, a virus… and especially, against honest money.

Meanwhile, as the elites have thrived from all of these boondoggles, the rest of society has paid the price.

Now, with industries and jobs decimated as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, many Americans have been left behind, some permanently.

And, desperate to hang on to what they’ve got, the elites will do whatever it takes to keep the jig up.

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Dumb Enough to Be President
In the boom years, people spent money they didn’t have buying things they didn’t need. And now, one presidential wannabe is proposing that we make it a matter of government policy. But what will happen when the feds stop giving people money?

image Trump’s Tottering Towers
Donald Trump’s real estate empire was built on a foundation of debt. When the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates, his debt service costs shrank accordingly. But even with near-zero borrowing costs, he is still not making enough money to pay much in federal income tax…

image Boomer Elite Faces Day of Reckoning
It won’t make any difference who says what in the presidential debates or who wins in November. It is the Baby Boomer elites who control American business and government. And they are now desperate to keep the jig up.

image A Corrupt Elite Strangles the Economy
The biggest threat to the U.S., and most of its people, isn’t the coronavirus… or terrorists… Each new bugaboo sends the nation into hysterics. Many suffer the consequences. But a few benefit – the elite looks after its own, no matter what.

image Geezer Elite Turns Desperate
Many of the elites in Washington – Biden, Pelosi, McConnell, Fauci – are now part of the furniture there. They gained fame, fortune, power, and status early on… and never gave it up. Now, they are desperate to hang on to the world that has been so good to them.

image Gold Is Still the Best Disaster Insurance Out There
Gold is up 32% on its pre-crash level. Some readers may be wondering if they’ve missed the opportunity to invest in the yellow metal. But this weekend’s guest editor, David Forest from Casey Research, tells us why he believes this gold bull market is just getting started…

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