Hell on Wheels


Emma Walsh

Set. 27, 2020


The feds squandered every opportunity over the last decade to fix America’s finances.

And now, with new leaks spouting everywhere, they’re plugging the holes with a deluge of fake, printing-press money.

But the more money they print, the more everyone wants. No one cares what the consequences will be in the future.

But when the future shows up, it will be Hell on wheels… raining hellfire on everything in its path.

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image When to Fix the Roof
During the last decade, the feds had plenty of opportunities to fix the country’s finances. But instead of running a surplus in the fat years to allow them to run a deficit in the lean years, the feds cut taxes and interest rates, punching more holes in the already leaking roof.

image The Feds’ Next Scam: Digital Money
Current levels of debt are only sustainable as long as the U.S. dollar floats. When it sinks, the whole ship will go down with it. But rather than right the ship by balancing the budget, cutting the deficit, or reducing the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, the feds have a different plan…

image Poisoning the U.S. Dollar
The U.S. dollar is fading. And fake money is the poison that will eventually put the dollar in its grave, writes our editor. But we are just in the first stage of the last stage of life. It will take years for the toxins to take effect.

image “I Was So Afraid”
Today, in a break from his usual gloomy report on the U.S. economy, Bill takes us on an exploration of his ranch. Among the dried-up riverbeds, abandoned houses, and occasional watering holes, he encounters one of the valley’s more formidable residents…

image Hell Can Wait
According to Bill, the future is where Hell is located. The planet is overheating! China is overtaking us! Robots are taking our jobs! Uh-oh, here comes a depression! No matter what the threat, the feds ride to the rescue… armed with their printing-press money, of course.

image How Regular Investors Can Win at This Rigged Game
Departing from our usual beat here at Diary, today’s guest essay comes from our colleague, tech investing legend Jeff Brown. Jeff has uncovered a way for regular investors to get in early on deals previously reserved for “big money” such as hedge funds and family offices. These deals offer potentially life-changing gains…

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