A Lament for Times Past


Emma Walsh

Set. 13, 2020


This week, as the season changes, and our editor celebrates another birthday, his thoughts turn to times past. Simpler times. Better times. The “old normal,” before the internet… COVID… Trump… the fake dollar, the fake boom, and the fake recovery…

What was it about life last century that made it better? And what has changed so irrevocably that has left our country so damaged and divided?

These are the questions that occupied our editor’s thoughts this week…

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Wines From the Edge of the World
Bill is still in lockdown at his ranch in Argentina. But thankfully, he has a good supply of his own Malbec wine to get him through it all. Today, we hear from Bill’s eldest son, Will, about how they accidentally became winemakers when they bought the ranch in Gualfin.

image When Summer’s Gone…
Summer, it seems, has slipped away… In a reflective mood, our editor looks back over seasons past to a time before COVID, before Trump, before the War on Terror and the War on Drugs… and before the fake dollar, the fake boom, the fake “conservatives,” and the fake recovery.

image How the World Got So Screwed Up
30 million Americans are on “unemployment.” 32 million adult Americans are living with their parents or grandparents. And the hoped-for V-shaped recovery is long forgotten. Bring back the “normal” times, says our editor – before the internet and COVID-19 changed everything.

image 21st Century Bummer
By our editor’s reckoning, life in America seemed more or less civilized until the end of the 20th century. But it’s been all downhill since then… to the point where the American empire has degenerated beyond all recognition.

image Another Big Step Down
For years, the feds have been backstopping their friends on Wall Street with their fake, printing-press money. Asset prices went up. Everyone was happy. But treating the Main Street economy with the same medicine will have a different effect…

image If I Die Tomorrow, I’ll Have a Smile on My Face
Tom Dyson’s story is familiar to regular Diary readers. He and his wife and three children are currently four months into their road trip across the United States. In this weekend’s guest essay, Tom chats with Bill’s Bonner-Denning Letter coauthor, Dan Denning, about the best things about the trip.

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