In the Firing Line


Emma Walsh

Aug. 6, 2020


This week, Bill took aim at both the Democrat and Republican parties, taking care to offend both equally.

But while his critique of the Democrats on Monday drew barely a warning shot from dear readers… his GOP. R.I.P. essay on Tuesday drew a barrage of explosive projectiles from readers eager to defend their party and their leader.

Meanwhile, hopes of a V-shaped – or even a U-shaped – recovery are fading fast… It’s now looking more like an L…

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Russians Won’t Interfere in U.S. Elections
At the Democrats’ National Convention, they had a solution for every problem… even those that don’t exist, including overseas meddling in the upcoming election. And their one-size-fits-all solution to every problem is simple: more government.

image GOP. R.I.P
The GOP has abandoned the ideas and principles that once distinguished it from the Democrats. It has now become the Party of Trump, where lies, gripes, threats, fear mongering, heady promises, and of course, money-printing, are the order of the day.

image A Moratorium on the Inevitable
Republicans and Democrats alike think they can print their way out of the “catastrophe cycle” we find ourselves in. But our editor reckons no amount of money-printing will help us sidestep the day of reckoning that looms large up ahead.

image An Armchair Quarterback Fumbles the Ball
This week, a barrage of explosive projectiles hit the Diary mailbox. Many dear readers strongly defended our president. Some questioned our editor’s sanity and his patriotism. But not one disputed his basic insights earlier in the week – that neither party will head off the economic catastrophe ahead…

image Coming Soon: A Counterfeit Economy
Up until now, the Federal Reserve was backstopping Wall Street. But it was fake wealth. And now, to prevent a substantial recession, the feds are going to have to do for Main Street what they’ve been doing for Wall Street all along. But their printing-press money will produce the same result: a counterfeit “recovery.”

image How to Invest in the Household Names of the Future
Departing from our usual beat at the Diary, this weekend’s guest essay from Teeka Tiwari lifts the veil on a lucrative investing opportunity previously only available to venture capitalists and Wall Street insiders…

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