Economic Demise of One


Emma Walsh

Aug. 30, 2020


Still locked down in Argentina, with no sign of imminent escape, Bill is throwing himself into ranch life… and learning as much as he can from the situation he finds himself in.

Some lessons are learned the hard way… like how to stop a cow from bloating (and dying).

Others, like how to destroy an economy with government policy, are more evident. As it turns out, Argentina is the ideal case study.

But it’s not looking likely the feds back home will pay much attention in this class… They’re too busy cranking up their printing presses in the run up to the election…

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image No Way Out of the Calchaquí
A week ago, it looked like your editor’s pleasant confinement in Argentina was coming to an end. But with cases in the region’s capital, Salta City, on the rise, the province finds itself back in lockdown…

image How to Keep a Cow From Bloating
In response to a good-natured ribbing from a dear reader, who called Bill a “drugstore cowboy,” our editor admits that when it comes to ranching, how to keep a cow from bloating is the least of what he doesn’t know.

image Argentine Paradox: What Can We Learn?
Today, our editor turns his eyes away from the looming disaster in the USA to focus on one that has already happened. Being locked down in Argentina gives him a chance to look more closely at how you can destroy an economy with government policy.

image Buenos Aires on the Potomac
Both Democrats and Republicans think central planning can make America a better place. But several other countries have tried it over the years… with varying degrees of unsuccess. Today, Bill tells the story of the economic demise of one.

image 2020: What We’ve Learned So Far
As summer draws to a close, Bill looks at what the year has taught us… so far. The main lesson we have learned – if we didn’t know it already – is that the feds will do whatever it takes to maintain the illusion of a recovery.

image Dead Man Walking
The S&P 500 continues to make new, historic highs, grabbing all the headlines in the mainstream media. But this week’s guest editor has a dire prediction, one that will have drastic consequences not just for stock investors, but for the entire monetary system.


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