The End Is in Sight


Emma Walsh

Aug. 23, 2020


It’s an election year. So politicians from both sides are trying to outdo each other in terms of how much they can do for voters. Which means the money-printing presses won’t stop any time soon…

But even if we could somehow get the feds to see the error of their ways and switch them off, the inflation train is already on its way out of the station…

And once it starts chugging along, it’s hard to stop it from going out of control.

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image A Fireside Chat About COVID-19
To start the week, our editor imagines the conversation President Trump should have with the nation about how we progress in the era of COVID-19. Nice and simple – no big words or complex ideas.

image Over-promise and Over-spend
Rarely does a politician who promises to cut back on the free stuff voters enjoy have a successful career in politics. Especially in an election year. So it’s unlikely President Trump will stop the printing presses now.

image The Rich “Take the Knee”
The gap between the rich and the not-rich is attracting more and more attention. And much like white people trying to atone for their whiteness, rich people are now trying to save their necks.

image On the Trail of Stolen Property
Over the last three decades, rich people have gotten a lot richer. The not-rich have not. But our editor doesn’t blame the rich. After all, they were merely the helpless recipients of the feds’ “loot.”

image A Banana Republic Without the Bananas
Consumer prices are on the march. And once it gets started, inflation is usually hard to rein in. Even if you could stop the feds’ money-printing, it wouldn’t necessarily stop prices from increasing. The end is in sight…

image Handing Over the Reins to the Next Generation
When it comes to his personal investment portfolio, Bill prefers hard assets such as gold and real estate. Options trading just isn’t his thing. But colleague Jeff Clark is a master trader. And now, he’s passing on his skills to the next generation…

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