No End to the Boondoggles and Bailouts


Emma Walsh

Aug. 16, 2020


“When the poor shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.” It seems 18th-century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s prediction might be coming true…

To protect the boondoggles and bailouts they’ve become accustomed to, the elites will happily feed “the rich” to the hungry masses…

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image More Nothing Than Something
Congress can’t agree on the details of the next COVID-19 stimulus package. So, ignoring the people’s representatives… and the Constitution… President Trump will do it by “executive order.”

image America Is Gunning Up
The feds are “transferring” more money than previous generations even dreamed of – money they don’t have. So as Americans stock up on guns and ammo, the feds fire up their printing press…

image Get Out Your Forks and Knives!
The social contract – the generally accepted principles that bind rich and poor together – is giving way. So those on the bottom rungs of society are shifting the blame for a corrupt system onto the group everyone loves to hate: The rich…

image Nothing Is Off the Menu
Today, as Republicans and Democrats still bicker over their outrageous stimulus options, our editor imagines a world where we go “cold turkey.” Think no more stimulus. No more deficits. No more counterfeiting.

image A Week of Accidents, Breakdowns, and Wildfire
It’s been a week full of unfortunate mishaps for our editor. Elizabeth’s fall from a horse… getting marooned in the middle of a river… and a blazing wildfire are just some of the unhappy incidents to befall him.

image Gold Will Take Center Stage in the New Monetary Era
This week’s guest editor, Casey Research’s Nick Giambruno, believes the feds’ destructive policies and out-of-control money printing – or as he calls it, “legalized counterfeiting” – will usher in a new monetary era, one in which gold will once again take center stage.

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