Fake Money Free-For-All


Emma Walsh

Aug. 2, 2020


The Federal Reserve’s seemingly bottomless reservoir of money is funding the fights against poverty… drugs… terrorism… COVID-19… and even racism.

Thanks to the 24/7 printing press, the honest money system – which forces the feds to weigh costs against benefits – has gone out the window. It’s a fake-money free-for-all.

So while gold is racing to new highs… and stock investors are ignoring the damning economic reports… Bill is devising interesting ways to give away the Fed’s fake money…

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image You Get What You Don’t Pay For
According to Bill, the total cost of the war on COVID-19 could hit $10 trillion over the next three years. But no one is asking the most obvious question – who is going to foot the bill? The answer, of course, is clear – no one. The Fed’s printing press will take care of it.

image The White Wind
Bill’s former ranch foreman, Jorge, tells the story of a treacherous cattle drive across South America’s Cordillera mountain range… a brutal and difficult undertaking that resulted in the loss of life and limb.

image Is This “Peak Gold”?
Gold just hit a new all-time high. But some forecasters reckon it’s the end of the road for this precious metal. Today, our editor explains why the peak for gold is still far ahead.

image Reparations for Everybody
With unlimited funds, thanks to the Fed’s printing press, repairing the damage caused by past wrongs and present injustices is as simple as cutting a check. Today, Bill looks at some of the overlooked sections of society who may be next in line for “reparations.”

image Off the Charts; Off Their Rockers
U.S. GDP is down by almost a third. And jobless claims are on the rise again. But despite the worst economy on record – stocks are still priced as if everything were normal… and the feds are planning on giving away even more fake money. What gives?

image Why I’m Ignoring My Impulses About Gold
A couple of years ago, this weekend’s guest editor, Tom Dyson, invested his entire life savings in gold. But with everyone from barbers to mechanics now buying precious metals – often a sign of a correction ahead – he wonders if it might be time to get out… or if he should hold his nerve…

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