The Perfect Storm


Emma Walsh

Jul. 19, 2020


The U.S. economy just had its worst quarter in history. To soften the effects of its Universal Lockdown, the government is handing out checks all round…

But it’s far from plain sailing, as the deficit climbs to $4 trillion and beyond.

The Federal Reserve enables this spend fest by printing money – “whatever it takes” to right the ship.

And now, with both presidential candidates proposing more of the same claptrap… it looks like we’re heading into the perfect storm.

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Hard Times for the Sane
It is the best of times and the worst of times. The last quarter was the best for the Dow Jones in 33 years. But for the economy, it was the worst quarter in history! What’s going on is insane. But if you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs, you will probably lose a lot of money…

image Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference Between Them
President Trump claims Joe Biden has copied his economic plan. Not surprising, says our editor. When you have a winning election hustle, everyone wants to use it. But regardless who’s spouting it, it’s just the typical blah-blah we expect from both parties.

image Hogs With Two Snouts
Continuing his exploration of the cycle of the American empire, today, Bill moves on to the “corruption” stage. And there are plenty of hogs feeding at the feds’ money-printing trough…

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In his latest update from his ranch in Argentina, Bill tells us about the hard, dangerous work involved in the cattle roundup… and the latest in the Originario war. Then, at the end of a long day’s work comes an unexpected visitor…

image Why Americans Are Losing Faith in the System
Balanced budgets are a thing of the past. The Trump administration will have a $4 trillion deficit this year, at least… It’s rough seas ahead. But both Donald Trump and Joe Biden seem determined to steer the ship into the eye of the storm. Is it any wonder people are losing faith in the whole system?

image The Monetary Regime Is Changing
Ahead of his presentation at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium next week, our guest editor, Dan Denning, gives us a sneak peek into the theme of his presentation at this key commodities investing event…

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