Fake Money and Boondoggles


Emma Walsh

Jul. 5, 2020


The Federal Reserve’s fake money and boondoggles are turning America into a zombie economy. Even companies already on life-support and dead people are roaming the streets, flush with the feds’ handouts.

Meanwhile, the do-gooders are trying to kill our past… and wash away the stains of anything from our history they don’t like.

We’re living in a topsy-turvy world…

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Welcome to the Zombie Economy
It’s official. America is turning into a zombie economy. Fake money is being handed out to zombie companies, who had no hope of paying it back even before the recent crash. And now, dead people are getting large checks from the government…

image Bleach Our History and Move On
Statues of historical figures once thought to be great and good are being toppled all across America. It’s as if the millennial generation believes it can wash away the stains of colonialism, fascism, institutional racism, gold-backed money, mullets, and all the other things we no longer like.

image Scammy Do-Goodism and Cannibalism
The world improvers are at work… and it seems their aim is not to learn from the past, but to obliterate it. But, says our editor, combating “institutional racism” with more institutional racism – that is, by giving one race different treatment than others – is just a scam.

image A Topsy-Turvy World
We’re living in a topsy-turvy world… where wrong is now right… up is now down… and the maps are turned upside down. But the good news in this fantasy world of unlimited, fake money is that there’s more money on the way.

image Raise a Glass of the Highest Pure Wine in the World
It’s that time of year… the grape harvest at Bill’s Gualfin vineyard is finished. Bill details this year’s harvest and tells you how you can get your hands on a case or two of the exceptional Tacana Malbec before it’s all gone…

image The Government Never Lets a Crisis Go to Waste
Exploiting crises has long been the modus operandi of many governments. And the COVID-19 pandemic is providing the feds with the perfect cover for their latest scheme to part you from your money. This weekend’s guest editor, Nick Giambruno, explains all about it… and how you can sidestep it.

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