The Feds’ Rampant Money-Printing Will Ruin Us


Emma Walsh

Jun. 28, 2020


The feds are committing one “Monumental Imbecility” after another…

But their worst – reckless money-printing – is poisoning the U.S. economy… and American society, too. The system is rotten to the core.

And it won’t take much to blow the whole thing up!

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary

image The Rot at the Heart of the System
Americans are moving to the extremities. Red or Blue… conservative or liberal… for or against. The one policy both left and right agree on is money-printing – to pay for all their schemes and “social programs.” But the more “fake dollars” you “print,” the less they are worth. And as the fake dollar goes, so goes the empire. That is, they go down together.

image The Four Monumental Imbecilities of the 21st Century (so far)
The U.S. has been stumbling down the mountain since the start of the 21st century. And according to our editor, the U.S. dollar is next to fall. That’s due to the feds’ rampant money-printing, one of a series of what Bill calls “Monumental Imbecilities” they have committed so far this century.

image Real Life in the Calchaquí Valley
Today, in a break from his usual program, our editor takes us on a trip up to the ranch, and tells us some of the stories of the people he meets along the way…

image No Market for Old Men
For the first time in a decade, famed stockpicker Warren Buffett is underperforming the market. Has the “Oracle of Omaha” lost his touch? Or have other investors lost their minds? Our editor argues that since the Federal Reserve cranked up the printing press and put out the word that it’s got investors’ backs, this is just no market for value investors like Buffett.

image Four Steps to Ka-Boom!
With their fake money and two-tiered system, the fed quacks are poisoning the U.S. economy and society. But our editor reckons we still have a way to go before things blow up entirely. And he lays out the four steps that will happen before the whole thing goes Ka-Boom!

image Four Life Lessons I’ve Learned Traveling the World
Over the course of his 20-year career as a geologist, Dave Forest has traveled to countries as far-flung as Colombia, Myanmar, and Zambia, scouting for companies with the potential to hit gold. And like Bill, he’s picked up plenty of insights along the way, which he tells us about in this weekend’s Diary guest essay.

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