Which Lives Matter Most?


Emma Walsh

Jun. 21, 2020


The narrative has changed… No longer are Americans confined to their homes to save lives.

Now, there are more lives to be saved… and there’s another cause… one that warrants leaving your house to publicly gather with others to protest.

And politicians talk about “reparations,” to settle the debt for centuries of mistreatment of Blacks.

But Bill has a better idea…

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Forget COVID. Here’s a New Bamboozle!
Two months ago, Americans were directed to stay at home to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and, ultimately, save lives. Now, though, there’s a new myth… a cause worth dying for… and it’s time to take to the streets en masse. Our editor asks, “What gives?”

image Which Lives Matter Most?
Still trying to connect the dots… our editor questions the new imperative. Is every life worth saving – as we were told just a couple of months ago, when the country was locked down to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus? Or do some lives matter more?

image Lockdown Adventures in the Calchaquí Valley
Taking a break from connecting dots of the political and financial kind… Bill makes the most of his extended quarantine in Argentina by exploring some of the ancient treasures of the Calchaquí Valley.

image Thought Police are First Responders
The Thought Police are on the loose. Now, every issue is a reason to pass a new law… and chip away at our liberty. And more regulations, restrictions, and controls means more gun-toting cops to enforce them. Defund the police? Not likely, says our editor.

image The Case for Reparations
On Juneteenth, the holiday to commemorate the end of slavery in the U.S., our editor questions the idea of “reparations.” Settling the debt for centuries of mistreatment would cost about $2.5 trillion. But Bill has a better idea…

image How Fake News Took Over the Markets
Some of the world’s biggest names have been tipping the market scales in their favor for decades, funneling billions of dollars away from Main Street to Wall Street. But after three months of intensive research, Teeka Tiwari and his team have found a new way to level the playing field…

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