The Elites Have Rigged the System


Emma Walsh

Jun. 14, 2020


This week, our editor showed us how the system is rigged against the common man… how the elites are exploiting the “two-system” system… and hogging wealth for themselves….

But will hard work, grit, and wise spending help the common man to beat the system, or poverty? Or is he less well-off because of his own bad choices, as some readers believe?

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Nightmare on Main Street
One country, two systems. On Wall Street, everything is “recovering” nicely, thank you very much. It’s as if the last three months were just a bad dream. But on Main Street – in the real world – the nightmare continues…

image Paternalism at the Ranch
At our editor’s ranch in the Calchaquí Valley in Argentina, the landowner’s traditional “paternalistic” role is still practiced. And that means helping the local people out with all manner of problems… some more “delicate” than others…

image No Return to Normal for the Main Street Economy
There seems to be no limit on what the feds can print and spend to fight all their phony wars – against poverty, drugs, and now COVID-19. But the end result is just more wealth and power for the wealthy… and a kick in the teeth for the man on Main Street…

image The System Is Rigged Against the Common Man
As the feds hand out money to those in need on Main Street, Wall Street soars. The “two-system” system created by the feds and the elites is rigged against the common man. But will he ever figure out what is going on, our editor asks? And is there anything he can do to beat the system?

image Waiting for the Guillotine
Stocks go down; the Federal Reserve prints more money. Simple. But while quick-witted speculators might be able to turn a profit by gaming the system and front-running the Fed, our editor urges caution. Because, eventually, investors might just lose their heads…

image The Digital Currency Revolution Is Here
Digital payments are on the rise – especially since the COVID-19 outbreak. But it’s not just how we pay and transfer money that’s changing. Money as we know it is about to undergo a major transition. And it will give the feds the ultimate control over our money.

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