The Great [US]American Collapse


Emma Walsh

Jun. 7, 2020


As America’s cities burn, our editor reflects on the people’s rallying cry… The cause of the destruction, he believes, goes beyond any demands for social justice.

And he shows how, with bitterness and resentment on the rise, this is likely just the beginning of the collapse – for both the economy and society as we know it…

Emma Walsh
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image The Big COVID-19 Scam
Our editor starts off the new month by looking at one of the biggest public policy humbugs in human history: The House Arrest scam to “save” Americans from COVID-19…

image Long, Hot Summer
Social unrest adds to the COVID-19 crisis. Protests and riots break out around the nation as Americans call for racial reform. Racism, says Bill, is something we can all understand… but it points to a deeper issue lurking beneath the surface…

image The Knee on All Our Necks
Bill draws a comparison between the tragic death of George Floyd and the Federal Reserve’s stifling of the economy. What gives them the power to prosecute counterfeit crimes when they’re committing acts of destruction… on the largest scale in American history?

image Your Choice: A Rip-Off or a Fraud
In Thursday’s essay, our editor unveils the two systems running America… one a fraud, the other a rip-off. On the one hand, we have the markets, the top 10%, the elite. On the other, the Main Street economy. Today, neither system is safe…

image When a Nation Goes Nutty
Everything is possible today – no matter how bizarre, grotesque, un-American and implausible. As the center of our “normal” beliefs gives way… and the edges harden… you’ll want to brace yourself for more destruction…

image Bulls Beware the King of All Fakes
For our weekend guest edition, we turn to Bonner-Denning Letter coauthor Dan Denning. Dan shows why this is the most deceptive market he’s seen in the last two decades… and what you can do to preserve your wealth…

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