Life in the Year of the Plague


Maria Bonaventura

Apr. 19, 2020


Secluded in Argentina’s Calchaquí Valley, Bill continues his chronicles of life in the year of the plague… This week he sets out on horseback to unearth a local legend, hidden in an impenetrable rock fortress… all while connecting the dots of fake money… fake wars… and other government misadventures in America…

Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image Siri, Where’s My Corona Bailout Check?
Another week gone under lockdown, and another one to come. As the economy withers away, our editor wonders: How many lives will the shutdown truly save… and how many will it ruin?

image The Feds’ Fatal Flaw… and a Wake-Up Call
With the coronavirus crisis in full force, many Americans are clamoring for the government to protect us and keep us safe. The only issue is, there isn’t a problem the feds can’t make worse…

image Vive la Révolution?
The feds are replacing old-fashioned getting and spending with coronavirus stimulus. The virus may be defeated with a vaccine… but the economy is bound to suffer from their meddling long after this crisis is over. It all goes back to what Bill calls the feds’ “fatal flaw”…

image A Nation of Poltroons
The feds aren’t the only ones with a flaw. The masses have a complementary flaw. And it manifests itself in submission to the authorities — submission to be confined in our homes… and to give up our dignity and freedom for the promise of “security”…

image America’s Heroes: Voices of Reason, or Paragons of Ignorance?
America is divided in the fight against coronavirus: Some laud Trump’s headfirst approach, while others stand behind the measured Dr. Fauci. To our editor, they are both the same. And they can’t hold a candle to the heroes of old…

image The Henry David Thoreau Investment Strategy
For our weekend guest edition, we turn to Bill’s longtime colleague, Tom Dyson. He’s the man who went “all in” on Bill’s Dow-to-Gold trading model in 2018. Tom tells the story… including what it means today in the face of the “coronacrisis”

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