The Only Sure Bet in the Feds’ War Against the Coronavirus


Maria Bonaventura

Apr. 12, 2020


The stock market got a jolt of optimism this week… but Bill wasn’t so sure it was warranted. As far as our editor is concerned, there’s only one sure bet about this COVID-19 crisis: The feds will always find new ways to make it worse. But just how much worse? Bill has some ideas…


Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary

P.S. Isolated in his valley ranch in northwest Argentina, Bill put pen to paper… and sent us this urgent briefing. He breaks down the coronavirus crisis… the feds’ role in it… and the steps you should take NOW to protect and even grow your wealth. Read Bill’s message here before it’s too late.


image Fight Against COVID-19 or Deep State Power Grab?
America is at war with a virus. But when the threat from COVID-19 blows over, don’t be surprised to find that The Swamp is deeper – and harder to drain – than ever…

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Early in the week, investors seemed to think the worst was behind us. And while the virus may run out of steam in the near future, chances are, the worst is yet to come for America’s economy…

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The printing presses have been working overtime. Some Dear Readers will argue these are necessary temporary measures. But as Bill’s neighbors in the Calchaqui Valley know, don’t expect the money-printing to end when the crisis is over…

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The government vowed to do whatever it takes to get us out of this crisis. The only problem is… Their plans to save the economy are bound to drive it deeper into the dirt…

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After Dr. Fauci takes a jab at a centuries-old tradition, our editor is forced to examine a centuries-old question: What really makes life worth living?

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On Saturday, colleague Dan Denning takes a sobering look at what this crisis means for your wealth… and the one place you should be looking to put your money now.

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