The Biggest Money-Printing Scheme Ever Seen in North America


Maria Bonaventura

Mar. 29, 2020


There’s no natural calamity the feds can’t make worse, our editor reminds us this week. And as the coronavirus races through America… and the feds come in with a few trillion dollars in stimulus… Bill takes a cold, hard look at what that means – for our government, our money, and society as a whole…


Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image When the Devil’s Cavalry Rides Onto the White House Lawn
Writing from quarantine in San Martín, Argentina, our editor looks back at the Spanish Flu of 1919. There weren’t massive shutdowns or government bailouts back then… and the economy was largely unaffected long-term. Now, however, we’re launched upon the wildest experiment ever undertaken in North America…

image Our Government Will Never Be the Same
Forced isolation focuses Bill’s attention to his economic surroundings. Armed with only the basic essentials in his San Martín home, he unpacks the greatest power grab since Roosevelt…

image We’re Headed for the Lost Inflation Highway
The coronavirus is on the loose, causing pandemonium and mass hysteria. Cities and towns shut down, threatening to cripple businesses and devastate the economy. As always, the government steps in… with trillion-dollar stimulus packages and corporate bailouts, ignoring the long-term consequences…

image There’s No Natural Calamity the Government Can’t Make Worse
On Thursday, Bill takes one more look back at the past. While the economy boomed after WWII, our editor says a “post-war boom redux” can’t happen after the C virus war. Fake war doesn’t beget real money… no matter how you manipulate the system.

image Coronavirus Wars
The virus has pushed the world’s panic button. In an effort to find stability, investors flock to gold… and now gold dealers everywhere are in short supply. Our editor reiterates: Gold is the obvious place for your money during this deflationary period… if you can get it.

image The Fed’s Balance Sheet Is About to Explode Higher
On Saturday, we turn to colleague Tom Dyson. As longtime readers know, Tom is the guy who went “all in” on gold after Bill shared his Dow-to-Gold trading model with him. In this weekend guest edition, Tom shows how the Federal Reserve’s exploding balance sheet could lead to gold’s revaluation…

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