Confined in the Argentine Wilderness

Maria Bonaventura

Mar. 22m 2020


Isolated in the northwest of Argentina, our editor makes a controversial claim: The boomers are to blame for the financial catastrophe battering down our doors. But Bill is not just here to point a finger at the past… He also offers a glimpse into a potential future


Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary

image Exiled in San Martín
There’s a hole in the everything bubble… and the feds are doing everything they can to patch it up. Isolated in the Argentine north, our editor wishes them the best of luck on Monday.

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Analyst Houston Molnar puts the current crisis in perspective of Bill’s Doom Index. Here’s how stocks have fared since we raised the Crash Alert flag last April.

image A Pox on Our Houses
Are the boomers to blame for the crisis afoot? Our editor seems to think so, much to the dismay of many Dear Readers. Either way, the virus is coming… as is the bear market…

image A New Era Is Breaking
On Wednesday, the police come a-knocking at the ranch. Unaffected, our editor continues on his quest to connect the dots of the C virus crisis – and the helicopter money now falling “like manna from heaven.”

image Quarantine Chronicles
The Federal Reserve is comatose, the politicians are delirious. Still, as Bill puts it, they can’t resist but to add “more madness and larceny daily.” Our editor offers two bold predictions about where it all takes us.

image Catastrophe Strikes the Calchaquí
The C virus crisis is getting serious in the Calchaquí Valley. It turns out that mountainous isolation is not enough for local officials. So on Friday, our editor’s self-imposed house arrest takes a dramatic turn.

image The Most Hunted Man in Crypto
But it’s not all doom and gloom. On Saturday, we turn to cryptocurrency expert Teeka Tiwari. He explains why two forces coming together this year could turn a handful of $500 investments into as much as $5 million…


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