No Calamity the Feds Can’t Make Worse


Maria Bonaventura

Mar. 08, 2020


As coronavirus fears sent the stock market tumbling, our editor anticipated the feds’ next move: more funny money. The only problem is… Viruses are indifferent to Federal Reserve policies. And the way the markets reacted as they closed out the week, they finally may be too. Time to panic? Not if you heed our editor’s advice


Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary

image Dead Men Don’t Pay Taxes
On the heels of a stock market plunge, our editor called out the Federal Reserve, saying action was imminent. And globally, central banks were pledging to stabilize economies hit by coronavirus outbreaks. But all they can really do? Offer useless remedies…

image If You Start to Cough, Don’t Bother Calling a Central Banker
On Tuesday, the Fed stepped in with its first emergency rate cut since ’08. The issue, muses our editor, is that the feds’ funny-money will hedge a fake bet of confidence in the financial system…

image Routine Correction… Or 21st-Century Nervous Breakdown?
Bill’s favorite financial indicator – the Dow-to-Gold ratio – shows us that a recession is on the horizon. Transports are down, Treasury yields have bottomed out, and we’re fully addicted to stimulus money. Brace yourself for a full-blown breakdown…

image Flying Over the Pacific Riviera
Flying over the Pacific Riviera, our editor looks for a Nicaraguan property bargain. A country in a state of depression and disrepair shows what may be ahead for the U.S…

image Economy’s Immune System Has Been Compromised
As the coronavirus shocks the financial system, our editor reminds us: Things always slow down eventually – and corrections always happen. Well… at least they used to, before the feds stepped in…

image The Bitcoin Secret Your Financial Advisor Won’t Tell You
For our weekend guest edition, colleague Teeka Tiwari shows how even a small allocation to the world’s biggest crypto can help boost your portfolio returns. But there’s an ugly reason why your financial advisor won’t tell you about it…

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