Gender Identity, Politics, and War


Maria Bonaventura

Feb. 23, 2020


Making his way from the coast of Nicaragua to the Yucatán and back again, our editor casts his eyes back to his homeland. From gender identity… to politics… to war… he leaves no stone unturned as he continues the mission he set on last week: to find out where America went wrong at the turn of the century.


Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image The Last Honest President
In honor of President’s Day, Bill reminds us about a forgotten leader: America’s 29th president, Warren G. Harding. Where others might have meddled, Harding did the right thing. He let nature run its course… and went out to play poker…

image Assigned Democrat at Birth
Down in Nicaragua, our editor dedicates a chapel to the local community. But over at the bar, the conversation devolves from sacred matters… to gender identity and politics…

image Sun, Sand, Relaxed Beachfront Charm
American retirees are moving to Mexico’s east coast in droves. It’s tropical, cheaper, and safe from the government’s numerous disappointments (for now). On Wednesday, Bill goes down to Cancún, where “Americans can live well on Social Security alone”…

image Lions Led by Jackasses
Thursday’s subject is war. For most Americans, suggests our editor, the military sits on the highest ground of all the agencies in the swampy Deep State bayous. Still, it’s not the boys in uniform that Bill takes issue with. It’s their commanders…

image MAGA Never Had a Chance
The seasons change, muses our editor… in politics as much as they do in love, war, and money. Even empires aren’t immune from life’s cycles. And for the American empire, winter is already here…

image Beware of This “New Normal” From the Major Central Banks
Thirty-three-year trading legend Andy Krieger has a prescient warning. He believes problems in China and Japan could soon send shockwaves through the global financial system… and kick-start a “subtle but insidious” coordinated effort by the world’s central bankers…

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