The Rich Are Cavorting With the Devil


Maria Bonaventura

Nov. 17, 2019


Everyone loves a good scapegoat. Whether it’s the trade war… or the filthy rich who – some would argue – made their wealth by ripping off the moms and pops… you can always find someone to blame when things go wrong. With that in mind this week, our editor looks past the headline news about the trade warTrump’s confused statistics about economic growth in America… and Warren’s doomed promises to give the rich what they’ve got coming


Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary


image A Lesson From East Berlin’s Big, Bold, Dumb Experiment
On Monday, Bill turns to the ultimate test of capitalism vs. communism: Cold War-era Germany. Those were the good old days, when East Berliners didn’t have to bother with the burden of dependable cars… food variety… and reasonable incomes…

image How Will POTUS Move the Markets Today?
As Bill pens Tuesday’s Diary, Trump is preparing to give an important speech. No doubt, our editor muses, someone will know ahead of time what POTUS will say… and cash in on it. Which forces our editor to ask the question: How can anyone take the headline news seriously?

image Trump’s Superb Satire Schtick
Despite much anticipation, The Donald’s address in New York was a disappointment. Instead of tooting his own horn about the trade war as our editor expected, all we got from Trump was noisy nonsense. The real joke, however, comes from the president’s new slogan…

image The Rich Have Never Had It So Bad in America
The poor rich – they can’t seem to catch a break. Politicians want to take their money and distribute it among the less fortunate. The masses wave their pitchforks… and then wait with open hands. But as bad as the rich have it now in the good old U S of A, things are about to get much worse for them – and the rest of America…

image What It Really Takes to Get Rich
What’s the key to getting rich? Hard work… conniving… or just dumb luck? At least one quack economist seems to think it’s the latter. But on Friday, our editor shows how it’s not the hand of God that has propped up the one percenters’ wealth… It’s the hands of a select few mortals in the dark corridors of Washington…

image 6 Reasons Why Gold Is the Best Money
On Saturday we turn to Bill’s longtime colleague, legendary speculator Doug Casey. Doug believes a major gold boom is underway. And in this special weekend edition, he breaks down the six reasons why gold is better than the feds’ funny money…

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