Plenty More Money Where That Came From


Maria Bonaventura

Oct. 27, 2019


When the going gets tough, just fire up the printing presses… and keep the dollar bills coming. At least, that’s what the crackpot economists at the Federal Reserve believe… as do enlightened economics professors around the world. But as longtime Diary readers know, every party comes to an end eventually. And the party that’s been raging in our fake-money economy is no exception. Bill’s advice this week? Start dancing closer to the exits…


Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary

P.S. If, like us, you’ve been eager to get an update from Bill about his latest DYI projects… you’re in luck. Check out Monday’s Diary (the first link below) for a glimpse into Bill’s Irish home renovation, nearly finished.


image When the Going Gets Tough, Just Add Liquidity
Economies shrink and grow. Markets go up and down. At least, that’s how it used to be. But modern economists have found a new way… a “better” way… to keep the world economy in check: pump it with fake money. How long can they keep it up before it all collapses?

image Pipe Dreams
One of the winners of the Nobel Prize in economics this year had an epiphany… The economy is like a system of pipes, she says. That means all its troubles can be solved with a wrench. Luckily, she has one handy… and she’s not afraid to use it…

image How Long Before the Next Unicorn Blows Up?
If the economy is a system of pipes, we’ve got a serious leak… And at the center of it right now is WeWork. Longtime readers know Bill’s beef with the troubled startup. Now, others have caught on to WeWork’s cash problems. Could this mark the beginning of the end for other capital-destroying companies like it?

image Repo Madness
Economists aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this new EZ-money world. Investors are lining up, too… and getting better and better at front-running the fake-money madness. But our editor warns: Don’t expect the party – or the profits – to last forever.

image It Can Get Worse
No matter how bad things get… they could always be worse. That’s Bill’s cheerful outlook as we head into the weekend. Economies around the world are slowing, despite all the phony money the feds have been pumping out. “But why should I care?” you may ask. Our editor has a whole list of reasons why…

image How to Spot Winning Trades… Over and Over
It’s not all doom and gloom… For our weekend edition, we hand the reins to longtime Diary friend Jeff Clark. Jeff is a master trader with over 40 years of experience in the markets. And on Saturday, he reveals the insight that helps him book consistent winners – no matter how bad things get.