Scams and Fixes


Maria Bonaventura

Oct. 20, 2019


Scams… fixes… dirty tricks… pixie dust? Regular Diary readers are familiar with Bill’s take on the dangers of the Federal Reserve’s meddling in the money system. This week, Bill explains why there’s no hero riding in to save the day when the Fed’s flawed fixes finally fail the reality test ahead…


image America’s Economy Is a Scam
All over the world, the authorities are moving toward more inflation and more debt, without even waiting for a deflationary crisis to set it off. It is a strange world, you will say. But isn’t this whole strange economy thing just a scam?

image Gasp! A Capitalist!
A capitalist – yes, a CAPITALIST! – is running for the highest office in the land. But don’t worry… our editor assures us that a real capitalist will never sit in the White House…

image Where’s Paul Volcker When You Need Him?
With the game rigged in their favor, the rich just get richer and richer… In other words, the fix is in. And this time, there’s no Paul Volcker on hand to fix the fix…

image The Fed Is Back to Its Old Tricks
After a brief and insincere flirtation with “normalcy,” the Fed is back to its old, perverted tricks. It’s handing out new money hand over fist. The only issue outstanding is which boondoggles get funded. The 2020 presidential sweepstakes will decide…

image Magic Money & Pixie Dust
Lots of folks have profited from the Fed’s “transparency.” And from President Trump’s habit of tweeting policy updates in the wee hours. On Friday, Bill wonders if he should join the party…

image When a Price Isn’t a Price
On Saturday, an insight from Bill’s coauthor on The Bonner-Denning Letter – Dan Denning. Dan shows how the flood of money into passive, index-tracking funds is contributing to the “everything bubble”… and why that bubble is about to pop.



Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary