What We Learned at Our Memorial Service


Maria Bonaventura

Sep.29, 2019


September hasn’t been kind to our editor. With his left hand healed now, he dives into a comatose dream state as he sails across the Atlantic. But the economy waits for no one. So, with his ailment in “fine fettle,” Bill charges on, connecting the dots… and exposing the corruption that plagues America…


image Nothing Sells News Like a Good War
In his feverish state, our editor turns his attention to an unusual contest that gripped inquiring minds over the weekend…

image America’s Wars Are Fake
After showing why America’s elites are drawn to foreign entanglements they can’t win, Bill shares an important tale about what got us into this mess… and what comes next..

image A Bedtime Story
On Wednesday, Bill exposes a somber truth: Our post-1971 money system is based on fake money. And this fake dollar has made Americans worse off…

image Hallucinations From Our Deathbed
Recovering from his Irish ailment, our editor shares a vision from his near-coma the day before. And he wonders: What are the things in life that matter the most when death comes knocking?

image How Economists Cheat the Working Stiff
On Thursday, Bill gets back to work connecting the dots of the economy. Pressed by a skeptical Dear Reader, our editor shows why things really are getting worse for the laboring man in America…

image A Simple Market-Timing Investment Strategy
Longtime readers will recognize Tom Dyson as the guy who went “all in” on gold. On Saturday, Tom brings us an update on the Dow-to-Gold trading model that inspired that decision…



Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary