Who Killed American Democracy?


Maria Bonaventura

Sep. 22, 2019


Democracy is a fraud… and it doomed our money system. That was Bill’s cheerful outlook this week as he explored the backstabbing world of politics… fake money… and empty promises. From the degeneration of democracy in America (it was designed to fail) to the demise of President Macri in Argentina (he chose death in the “Inflate-or-Die” trap), Bill pulls no punches as he exposes the fatal flaws in the system…


image How the Feds Aided and Abetted the Grandest Larceny in History
On Monday, a bold claim from our editor: Over the past few decades, the feds aided and abetted the grandest larceny in history. They did this by flushing trillions of new fake dollars into the world. And, in the process, they unwittingly exposed a deeper fraud in the financial system

image Democracy Was Designed to Fail
American democracy will fail. And at the core of this failure is a fatal deceit: Once the democratic system gets so big that the people can no longer know what’s going on, the Deep State elite takes over. Soon enough, the elite becomes more corrupt, more degenerate… and more parasitical…

image A Fool and His Money…
They say they don’t ring a bell at the top of a bull market, but our editor hears something ringing. And pushing the button may be WeWork – and the whole herd of unicorns that has been destroying American capital to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year…

image How Democracy Doomed the Money System
On Thursday, Bill returns to a common theme: the “Inflate-or-Die” trap. Either inflation and debt increase… or the boom collapses. And history shows that when put to the test, the parasitical elite will always choose more inflation. But, Dear Reader, you can guess who foots the bill…

image The Most Reckless Inflation the U.S. Has Ever Seen
After chaos in an important corner of the funding markets, the Fed came to the rescue with $200 billion of injections. This comes at a time when the economy is expanding, unemployment is low, and stocks are near all-time highs. So on Friday, our editor asks: What happens in the next crisis?

image Keep Your Crypto Funds Safe With These Two Steps
You may be skeptical of cryptocurrencies. Bill himself doesn’t claim to understand their ins and outs. But if you’re one of the many Dear Readers interested in dipping a toe into these new digital assets, you’ll want to make sure you keep your funds safe with these two steps



Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary