Inflate, Inflate, Inflate!


Maria Bonaventura

Sep. 15, 2019


What goes around comes around… That was our editor’s focus this week at the Diary. And as Bill says, what he sees coming around almost everywhere today is more inflation. On Monday, he looks to Zimbabwe for a glimpse of what’s in store for America. On Thursday, he sets his eyes on Argentina, where the yearning masses get a Trumpian promise. But in the end, the destination is the same – more claptrap from the feds… more boondoggles… and a bigger bill for the rest of us to foot.


image How America Goes the Way of Zimbabwe
On Monday, our editor turns to Zimbabwe. It takes talent to take one of Africa’s richest countries… and turn it into a sh*thole. It’s a talent President Trump seems to admire. So Bill wonders: How soon will what went around to Zimbabwe come around to America?

image The One Thing Civilization Needs to Prosper
In an exclusive excerpt from his new book – A Modest Theory of Civilization: Win-Win or Lose – Bill explores a brief history of civilized society. And he shows the one thing that can make or break a civilization…

image How We Lost Our Left Hand
Typing with only one hand, our editor turns back to this week’s question… Where will the “Inflate-or-Die” trap show up next? If The Donald gets his way, the answer may be America…

image We’re All Boneheads Now
On Thursday, Bill looks to the pampas of Argentina to get a glimpse of what’s next for the U.S. After a botched attempt at honesty from President Macri, it’ll soon be business as usual again for the Argentine feds. And their latest promises could be a sign of things to come in America…

image Coming Soon to an Economy Near You
On Friday, Bill gets closer to the answer to the question: What’s coming around to America? As Bill breaks down Trump’s latest tweets, it seems the president is aiming for monetary inflation… fiscal inflation… and probably some types of inflation our editor has never even heard of. Will he get it?

image How to Survive the “Great Unwinding”
A currency meltdown is in the offing. And on Saturday, colleague Teeka Tiwari shows what savers need to do to survive the implosion of fiat currencies.



Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary