Three Lessons From the Past Two Decades


Maria Bonaventura

Sep. 8, 2019


Last week, our editor left us with this thought: Nobody knows anything.

Turning back to that theme this week, Bill unpacks the three lessons he’s learned over the past 20 years writing the Diary… and connecting the dots of the economy along with Dear Readers.

You won’t find these insights in company reports, analyst ratios, or on the internet. But what they reveal could change the way you look at the economy… and the world…


image Why Stop at the Stock Market? Rig the Labor Market, Too
On Labor Day, our editor reveals the problem with a one-size-fits-all national wage. And he proposes a “fairer” way to solve income inequality in America. But as Bill says, his proposition is just a starting point…

image How Win-Win Deals Make the World a Richer Place
In an exclusive excerpt from his latest book, Bill reveals an insight about win-win and win-lose deals that couldn’t be more relevant now, as tensions between the U.S. and China ramp up…

image Those Who “Get It” Best Get It Good and Hard
Turning back to a mission Bill set on last week, our editor summarizes all he’s learned about the economy since he first started writing Diary 20 years ago. And the lesson he shares on Wednesday may be the most important one of all…

image What Can Monetary Policy Really Do?
You can never truly understand the economy. That’s one of the things Bill has learned over the past 20 years. But on Thursday, Bill uncovers Lesson #2. It may seem grim. But it’s the key to unlocking Lesson #1…

image The Most Important Thing We Learned in the Last 20 Years
On Friday, Bill reveals Lesson #3. As our editor has been musing over the past two weeks, nobody really knows anything. But if you understand Lesson #3, you can be better prepared for whatever the markets throw at you.

image Lessons From My Very First Gold Trade
On Saturday, we turn to colleague Jeff Clark. Like Bill, Jeff is a long-term gold bull. But this master trader just spotted a signal you’ll want to watch before you go all in on gold right now…



Maria Bonaventura
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary