Weirdness Prevails…


Van Bryan

Jul. 28, 2019


As Bill says, our usual beat at the Diary is money… How it moves. Where it goes. And why. That mission was at the fore this week. As Bill puts it, when you mess with a society’s money, everything else gets a little squirrely… Perhaps it’s $640 toilet seats… a woman buying a car with Monopoly money… or even the “biggest single failure of weapons procurement in U.S. history.” Is it just us, Dear Reader? Or are things getting weirder out there?

image Congress Prepares for Battle
The esteemed representatives of America’s Congress are girding their loins and sharpening their spears. They face the country’s greatest foes: financial calamity and shameful bankruptcy. Will the phalanx hold? Or will America’s congressional warriors rout?

image It’s the Era of Inflate or Die
America’s central bank has created a monster. Years of negative real interest rates and EZ-money policies have inflated a bubble of epic proportions. And Bill fears that nobody… not Congress… not the White House… and certainly not the Fed… has the backbone to slay it.


image Trump and Pelosi’s Abject Surrender
Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi don’t agree on much. But this week, dear readers discovered what they do see eye to eye on: saddling future generations of Americans with crippling debt. Yes, the recent budget deal was pitched as a great win to the American taxpayer… so long as they pay no mind to that knife sticking out of their back.

image The Deep State’s Reward: A Cluster of Gold-Plated Toilets
On Thursday, Bill takes a closer look at the White House-backed budget deal. The military gets a healthy dose of cash, $738 billion. The defense lobbyists fought hard for that pork. In recognition of their great achievement, Bill presents the cronies with an award befitting their service…

image A Woman Walks Into a Car Dealership With Monopoly Money
A woman walks into a dealership to buy a car with “Monopoly money.” The start of a hilarious joke? No, Dear Reader. This is the consequence of “Inflate or Die.” Weirdness prevails… and nobody’s laughing at the punchline.

image Now Accepting Bitcoin, Libra, or U.S. E-Dollars
America’s esteemed politicians have a new target: Facebook’s soon-to-be-launched cryptocurrency, Libra. They say it’ll be used for money laundering. Drug trafficking. Terrorism! What civic-mindedness from America’s top pols. But you already know that’s not the full story, right, Dear Reader?



Van Bryan
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary