USAmerica Has Lost Its Plumb Line


Van Bryan

Jul. 21, 2019


A plumb line, as dear readers learned this week, is a string with a heavy weight tied to the end. The plumb line was used in ancient times to know if a building was put up straight… or if it was crooked. The plumb line for America’s financial system went crooked long ago. Bill looks around and sees record-setting debt levels… more phony rate cuts… and “Inflate or Die” monetary policies. Yes, dear reader. The entire edifice leans precariously. Look out below…

image America’s Leaning Tower of Debt Will Topple
Like a drunk stacking beer cans, America has gotten skilled at piling on its debt. With some $72 trillion in total debt, that pile has never been higher. But that tower is getting shaky. And somebody’s bound to bump into the coffee table eventually…

image How America Got Hooked on a Lie
As Bill often says, people believe what they need to believe when they need to believe it. In America, investors believe a growing number of outrageous things: That meddling with rates will boost the economy… that more debt will make us more secure… that printing pieces of paper with green ink on them will make us richer. Too bad it’s a lie… all of it.

image What Would Happen If the Federal Reserve Did Nothing?
The Fed doesn’t really know what it’s doing. That seems to be the message from the central bank’s top man, Jerome Powell. Powell says the Fed might have tightened too much, that rate cuts are in order. But Bill has a novel idea: What if the Fed… you know… just did nothing?

image Bachelors Will Buy Baby Seats
On Thursday, Bill makes a prediction. Today’s fake money stem will create an upside-down world. Like the Venezuelans, Americans will offload their cash as quickly as possible. Nuns will hoard booze. Pacifists will buy bullets. Bachelors will purchase baby seats…

image Our Speech From Ireland
On Friday, Bill gives readers a peek behind the curtain. In Ireland, our editor celebrates 40 years since the founding of his publishing empire. How did it all start? And how has it changed?

image How to Profit From Silicon Valley’s “Virtuous Cycle”
On Saturday, our resident tech expert, Jeff Brown, takes the reins as the Diary’s weekend guest editor. Something incredible is happening in the technology industry. As Jeff puts it, “I’ve never seen a technology market like this in my life.”



Van Bryan
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary