Would the Founding Fathers Recognize [US]America?


Van Bryan

Jun. 7, 2019


This week, [US]America celebrated the 243rd anniversary of her “emancipation day.”

And as Bill wrote in his book, The Idea of America, the founding principles of [US]America – self-determination and freedom from an overbearing State – are admirable.

But Bill, ever the skeptic, spent the week surveying the [US]American landscape. He spots a “financialized” [US]American economy… an all-seeing Deep State… and an ever-expanding warfare apparatus.

Yes, a country truly free from the machinations of a powerful elite would be wonderful.

Somebody ought to give it a try one day…

image Dinner With [US]America’s 0.01%
To start the week, Bill recounts a recent dinner… in Versailles Palace. There, our editor finds himself face to face with [US]America’s 0.01%. Read on for a firsthand account of how the other other half lives…

image It’s All Part of Trump’s Plan…
Listen to the mainstream media. They’ll tell you President Trump is a blowhard… a scoundrel… an imbecile. Maybe they’re right… maybe. But they could be dead wrong. On Tuesday, Bill considers another possibility: Trump could be sly… like a fox.

image The Woman Who Wants to Pay the World to Drown in Debt
There’s no shortage of impossible things people are willing to believe. The latest claptrap: negative interest rates to “stimulate” the global economy. The world is already drowning in debt. And the new European Central Bank chair has come along to hold its head underwater… until the last little bubble pops.

image What the Founding Fathers Wanted for [US]America
On July 4th, Bill becomes introspective. The idea of [US]America was a glorious one. You, not the State or an unseen elite, would be in charge of your life. On Independence Day, Bill reflects on the early wishes of the Founding Fathers and considers if we’ve gone astray…

image The Founding Fathers Would Have Been Labeled Terrorists Today
[US]America’s founders are heralded as heroes in the U.S. today, their lives taught in history classes, their likenesses stamped on coins. But if the framers incited rebellion today, it would be a different story, probably ending with black bags over their heads…

image It’s Time to Upgrade the Internet
Big Tech is treating you like cattle. It herds your personal data into “silos” as it prepares your online privacy for slaughter. This is not the original vision of the internet. Something must change. Fortunately, Saturday’s guest editor, Marco Wutzer, sees help on the horizon…



Van Bryan
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary