From Pollination to Predation


Van Bryan

Jun 2. 2019


Do you feel that, Dear Reader?

Something has changed.

Free trade has been replaced with tariffs. Modest republics traded for protectionist governments. Win-win abandoned for win-lose.

These are not isolated incidents. As a dear reader put it, it is a shift from “pollination to predation.”

All week, Bill connected the dots of this new zeitgeist, and showed what will come of it…

image Raise a Glass of the Highest Pure Wine in the World
On Monday, news from the ranch. Bill’s Tacana Malbec wine has been bottled and is ready for shipment. And Tacana isn’t your typical grocery store wine. The secret can be found high in the Andes Mountains…

image Have We Passed “Peak Prosperity”?
Americans are an optimistic bunch. They have been taught to believe that life will always get better. Our grandchildren will be stronger… wiser… and richer. But on Tuesday, Bill takes a hard look at the state of America and has to wonder: What if “peak prosperity” is in the rear view?

image Win-Lose World
On Wednesday, Bill puts the state of the world under a microscope. He sees tariffs… protectionist governments… zany plans like “Modern Monetary Theory.” These are not isolated incidents. The zeitgeist has shifted. It’s a win-lose world now.

image The Tide of Fear Is Approaching
Like the tides, history ebbs and flows over the centuries. For decades, America enjoyed the high tide of greed. It brought soaring stock markets. But the tide is now turning. Fear approaches. And nothing – not the White House… not the Fed… and not Wall Street – can stop it.

image Has Trump Gone Nuts?
Big news out of Washington on Friday. President Trump announces plans to slap more tariffs on Mexico until the country “does something” about illegal immigration on America’s southern border. Bill looks on and has to wonder… has POTUS finally lost it?

image Your Car Is Spying on You
Your car knows you better than you think. New models are equipped with advanced sensors. Your car knows where you live… where you work… what music you like… it knows if you’ve gained weight… or if you’re in a bad mood. And your car’s not keeping that information to itself.



Van Bryan
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary