America’s Debtball Express Picks Up Speed


Van Bryan

May 26, 2019

This week, dots were connected. Claptrap was busted. Bill looks to the woeful tale of Venezuela… the revival of the same old mistakes from the Great Financial Crisis… and even gives a firsthand account of Ireland’s red-hot real estate market.

But, like a satellite around a star, much of Bill’s attention orbited the thoughts of one dear reader, who suggested that Bill should just hop on the Trump bandwagon.

“Well,” begins Bill, “it’s really quite simple.”

As our editor explains, President Trump took office in early 2017. He became head conductor of America’s Debtball Express. The Donald could have thrown on the brakes and sounded the alarm. But he didn’t. He stoked the flames and pushed the engine for more.

Now, the old locomotive is picking up speed. And the tracks are coming undone.

image Ireland’s “Great Crumble”
For decades, many of Ireland’s homes were left to fall into disrepair. This “great crumble” left many great estates a shadow of their former selves. But now, investment is flooding into the Emerald Isle once again. House prices are on the rise. And that’s caught the attention of Ireland’s “world improvers.”

image How America Goes Full-Venezuela
As Bill so often says, Venezuela is an “economic basket case.” This country was once the richest in Latin America. Now, it’s destitute. What happened? The short version: Too many win-lose deals. Too much fake money. You know… the same things taking root in America right now.

image Why We’re Not on the Trump Bandwagon
On Wednesday, a pointed question from a dear reader: Why doesn’t Bill just hop on the Trump bandwagon? Dear readers would love it. Bill could sell more newsletter subscriptions. Win-win! Right? “Well,” our editor says, “here’s the thing…”

image Trump Missed His Chance to Make America Great Again
President Trump campaigned on a promise to “Make America Great Again.” And Bill thinks he could have. Truly. But his chance has come and gone. There’s no stopping this debt train now…

image Our Crash Alert Flag Is Still Flying
In 2008, America’s financial system stood on the brink of ruin. Banks failed. Stocks plunged. Americans were punished. But the mistakes of the 2008 financial crisis have gone uncorrected, unremembered, and are now being repeated…

image The Right Way to Trade
Ask most investors, and they’ll tell you that trading options is “risky.” They’re “dangerous.” Jeff Clark, a man who’s made a fortune several times over trading options, couldn’t disagree more. Sure… options can be risky… if you’re doing it wrong.



Van Bryan
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary