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Russia Insider

May 9, 2019


Victory Day


Here’s the Russian version with English subtitles with very cool scenes of the USSR:


Here is an English language version recorded by the great celebrity black American singer Paul Robeson in 1943. He was a committed Communist. The words are different from the Russian:


And here is Putin leading a stadium in a rousing version of the current Russian national anthem, which uses the same melody, with new lyrics. (The video is subtitled)

Interestingly, the words to the new anthem (2000) were written by the same man who wrote the words to the Soviet anthem, Sergey Mikhalkov (1944). He is the father of famous Russian movie director Nikita Mikhalkov, and is shown in the video singing the anthem.

Russians generally agree that the words to the old Soviet version are much more moving than the 2000 version. Most people still know the old words by heart, and still sing it instead of the modern version, which lacks vitality.



Source: RI