War on Claptrap


Van Brian

May 5, 2019


For the entire 21st century, Bill has waged war…

The struggle is not with a foreign enemy or domestic traitor. It is with the loopy ideas that twisted America’s money and sent her down the bumpy road to empire.

Whether it’s “MMT”… trillion-dollar annual deficits… or the financialization of the American economy, Bill has waged war on American claptrap.

But on Friday, our editor finds himself surrounded. Is it time to raise the white flag?

Read on…

image The Wall Gave Way, and We Fell…
Bill begins the week with an update from the Irish countryside. The renovations on the old shed start off well, but then the wall crumbles…

image How the Financialization Scam Works
What is “financialization”? How does it work? What will come from all this? Bill takes up these questions on Tuesday, and reveals why the “financialization of the American economy” is a death sentence for the American middle class.

image Who Will Push America Over This Cliff?
America – loaded with debt and hooked on EZ credit – teeters on a cliff. At the bottom of the chasm… the same fate of every empire in history. All the country needs is one… little… push…

image How the Feds Will Cover Up Their Next Larceny
The greatest wealth confiscation scheme could soon be underway. Gussied up under the guise of “Modern Monetary Theory,” the monetary policy of tomorrow is just another take on the same old swindle…

image Are We Finally Beaten?
For decades, Bill battled the loony ideas that warped America’s money and turned the modest republic towards empire. Our editor always knew it was a losing battle. And now, the forces of claptrap might finally have him outnumbered…

image A Sneak Peek of Bill’s New Book
On Saturday, a special treat for Diary readers: an excerpt from Bill’s upcoming book. The book hasn’t even been sent to the printers yet, but our editor wanted to offer a sneak peek to Diary readers before it hits the shelves. Read on



Van Bryan
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary