The Only “Us vs. Them” That Matters


Van Bryan

Mar. 3, 2019


Dear readers need no introduction to the big headlines. And there’s a common thread through all of it: “us vs. them.” But as Bill has shown time and time again, “us vs. them” is always a scam.

Well… almost always. There is one “us vs. them” that matters. That was the subject of this week’s Diary essays. You’ll have to read on to find out…

image “Us vs. Them” Is Always a Scam
Today, it’s all “us vs. them.” Whether it’s Republicans vs. Democrats or rich vs. poor, there’s always some “us” that has to do something about “them”! On Monday, Bill reveals the sad reason why this thinking is a scam… and always was.

image How the Middle Class Was Doubly Cheated
The middle class has been betrayed. The ultra-rich, thanks to soaring stock and bond prices, have only gotten richer over the last three decades. The everyman, meanwhile, has gone exactly nowhere. Who betrayed the working man? The Chinese? The Russians? Neither. As Bill puts it, it was America’s “scammy money” that did the deed. And then, the story gets worse…

image “The Horse Fell Over on Him…”
On Wednesday, an accident at the ranch. A gaucho’s horse buckles and falls on the cowboy. “Is he okay? We don’t know yet…”

image Our Third Bold Prediction
In the last few months, Bill has made two bold predictions: 1. America’s central bank will never “normalize” interest rates. 2. Donald Trump will never start a full-blown trade war. On Thursday, Bill reveals No. 3.

image Our Advice to America’s 11-Year-Olds
In his recent letter to investors, Berkshire’s Warren Buffett says that if he had, at the age of 11, put his life savings ($114.75) into an index-tracking fund, he’d have become a millionaire from that alone. How’s that for American mettle?! But before any 11-year-olds today get any bright ideas, our editor has a word of advice…

image How Smart Investors Will Profit From Rising Gold Prices
A gold bull is coming. Gold prices could soar this year as money rushes out of overstretched stocks and into the world’s oldest money. But if you’re hoping to get rich off of buying physical gold, then you’ve got it all wrong. Try this, instead, to potentially make a small fortune on soaring gold prices.



Van Bryan
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary